Be wary, the following article contains spoilers for the recent NXT television tapings. You progress at your own peril.

It seems WWE is in the mood for reviving all kinds of forgotten match types. After delivering three Shark Cage matches in one year – the company is now seemingly setting its eyes on a much more ambitious feat – the return of one of wrestlings most interesting match concepts.

During the NXT tapings, Roderick Strong was handed an armband by The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) with the Superstar deciding whether to join the group. Later on in the evening, Strong came out and teased accepting the proposal – only for SAnitY to make their presence felt. This led to the announcement that The Undisputed Era and Strong would face off against SAnitY inside a 2-ring Wars Games match.

The match will take place at the Survivor Series weekend – the backend of next month for those keeping track.

War Games was a concept dreamt up by Dusty Rhodes for WCW. The match see’s a huge cage surrounding two rings, with the Superstars trapped within. The match has never been done inside a WWE ring before, making its appearance at an NXT event all the more surprising.

I’ve been calling for the return of the match type for the longest time now, if only because there’s nothing else like it in WWE these days. War Games matches were always a bit different and fans of WCW have been begging the company to bring it back in one form.

Going off recent form, it wouldn’t surprise us if WWE made the decision to use the match type on the main roster somewhere down the line.

Are you happy to see NXT playing host to a War Games match? Will it be a good match?



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