There’s no denying that WWE’s Brock Lesnar is a dominant force – whichever ring he chooses to step into. Whether it be UFC, WWE or beyond – he is the athlete fans want to see. There’s a reason that UFC is reportedly working to get him back inside the Octagon. Who can blame them? With a career spanning over a decade and a half, The Beast has managed to overcome some huge opponents, and rack up an impressive number of statistics on the way.

The question is – how well do you know The Beast Incarnate’s long career? Can you go toe-to-toe when it comes to the WWE’s premiere beast – or are you a pretender to the crown? Take our quiz below and find out just how well your knowledge holds up under scrutiny.

Which WWE Superstar did Brock Lesnar defeat at his first PPV event?

Of all Brock Lesnar's opponents, whom is his most frequent?

How old was Brock Lesnar when he captured his first WWE Championship?

When Brock Lesnar attempted to become a professional football player, with the Minnesota Vikings, what position did he play?

Who was Brock Lesnar's very first MMA match against?

Who did Brock defeat to capture his first win in a UFC ring?

At which UFC PPV did "The Beast" capture the UFC Championship?

How many WWE Wrestlemania main-event matches has Brock Lesnar competed in?

Who did Brock Lesnar defeat in the final of the 2002 King of the Ring?


How did you fare? Did you conquer The Beast, or did he leave you in the dust? Let us know how you did  – or tell any feedback over on our dedicated WWE Twitter – @WWECritics

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