WWE Trivia- How Well Do You Know Brock Lesnar?

Take our WWE Brock Lesnar quiz. How well do you know about the current WWE Universal Champion – as he prepares for SummerSlam?

There’s no denying that WWE’s Brock Lesnar is a dominant force – whichever ring he chooses to step into. Whether it be UFC, WWE or beyond – he is the athlete fans want to see. There’s a reason that UFC is reportedly working to get him back inside the Octagon. Who can blame them? With a career spanning over a decade and a half, The Beast has managed to overcome some huge opponents, and rack up an impressive number of statistics on the way.

The question is – how well do you know The Beast Incarnate’s long career? Can you go toe-to-toe when it comes to the WWE’s premiere beast – or are you a pretender to the crown? Take our quiz below and find out just how well your knowledge holds up under scrutiny.

[wp_quiz id=”6865″]


How did you fare? Did you conquer The Beast, or did he leave you in the dust? Let us know how you did  – or tell any feedback over on our dedicated WWE Twitter – @WWECritics

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