File this one under rumor for now but it seems that last nights decision to drop the WWE Cruiserweight Championship to Kalisto wasn’t the original plan. Reports from various sources suggest that Neville was expected to lose to Enzo in the Monday Night Raw main event. Those plans were hastily changed when Neville reportedly left the arena, refusing to lose to Enzo and reportedly quitting WWE in the process.

The rumor comes via WrestleVotes, a website with a solid track record of covering breaking news within WWE. They are reporting that Neville walked out of the WWE Monday Night Raw recordings – throwing the planned Enzo vs. Neville main event into the air. Dave Meltzer implied that these plans were changed last minute during his audio Raw review – adding credibility to the story.

It was also noteworthy that Neville was nowhere to be seen last night during the big lumberjack main event. The whole point of the match was to get all the Cruiserweights out around the ring – yet Neville, who arguably had the most beef with Enzo, was nowhere to be seen.

It would make sense that Neville has grown frustrated with the direction of the division. The former Cruiserweight Champion has been doing the work of his career – yet the division has been allowed to languish by WWE. His run as Champion was bizarrely cut short a week before SummerSlam – a week before he was due to defend the title. Neville would eventually go on to lost the Championship to Enzo Amore at WWE No Mercy.

205 Live has already lost one of its major stars earlier this year, as Austin Aires requested his release when it became clear he had no direction within the division. It’s clear that there’s a strong sense of backstage anger at the handling of the Cruiserweight Division thus far within WWE.

We’ve already reached out to WWE’s PR team in hopes of receiving confirmation or a clarification. When we get further news, we’ll pass it along to you.



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