If you’re a Youtube user, you’ll have probably noticed the recent noise being made about advertisers. Thanks to the exploits of some top Youtubers, and advertisements appearing┬ánext to hugely unscrupulous videos, advertisers have been pulling ads out of the service left, right and centre. Youtube’s response has been to class whole segments of content as “un-advertiser friendly”, a move that has seen many popular channels taking a huge financial hit. Now this has trickled down to wrestling, which seem to have been wholly hit by this move.

The discussion came from a number of prominent wrestling video producers of wrestling on the platform;

Other prominent Youtubers who cover wrestling have already shared their version of the story too, with NoDQ.com and popular wrestling gaming channel NewLegacyInc stating they’ve been hit hard;

It’s a huge blow to wrestling channels big and small, which have seen their content classed as “un-advertiser friendly”. This removes advertisements from wrestling videos, thus removing ad revenue.

On the one hand, Youtube hasn’t got much option here. They’re being placed in a tight corner by advertisers, who are demanding more control over where their ads appear. Alphabet (and Google)┬áis simply responding to advertisers wishes. It’s a problem that’s afflicted many channels across the platform, with some of the biggest Youtubers losing up to 80% of their ad-revenue.

On the other hand, it’s a bitter blow to Youtube channels dedicated to wrestling. Notable channels like WhatCulture Wrestling have had almost their entire library of videos hidden behind the restrictive curtain, which will inevitably hurt their presence moving forward. Given that a large number of sites have been using Youtube as a source of revenue, it will hurt their bottom line.

Interestingly, WWE still has a number of videos still up outside of restricted mode.

For our money, it seems wholly unfair to tag wrestling content on the whole as “un-advertiser friendly”. Given the numbers wrestling pulls in on Youtube, you’d think advertisers would love to get that many eyes on their wares. It just goes to show that in the eyes of non-wrestling fans – it seems wrestling is still considered an extreme interest.

Do you think this is fair on wrestling Youtube content producers?

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