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How to use a live odds screen

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Using a Live Odds Screen

The live odds screen plays an important role when it comes to betting. Thanks to that, bettors need to be aware of how things function and how they are displayed on the screen. Without a basic knowledge of the live odds screen, bettors will not make it towards the right point of victory and will end up being in a bad position. Due to that, we have decided to help you out with a simple take on the live odds screen.

The Different Types

Before venturing further into the domain of live odds screens, you need to know about the different types of these screens. Corporate and utility are the only two types of screens that are widely utilized in the industry and the only means through which things are processed. While corporate odds screens are referred to as an odds comparison website, utility odds screens are stand-alone pieces of software. Thanks to these aspects, there are differences between these two, and the main one is speed.

The Time Stamps

The time stamp history on the live odds screens is a particular aspect that documents all odds movement. With the involvement of these stamps, bettors can always go back and track line movements in case they have missed it. Due to that, time stamps are quite essential, and using the same to determine the initial change in odds is the manner in which you need to proceed. By doing so, you will be able to take control and move further into a good position.

The Books

As a bettor, you might use a corporate or utility type of live odds screen. Regardless of that, the main ingredient that bettors will focus on is finding the right bookmakers. Most screens in the industry will either have an “opener” column or allow the input of a market starting price per event. While it all tends to head in the direction, a little slip will take things the wrong way.

Due to that, you need to look into low margin bookmakers as they try and cater to professional bettors. Moreover, changes in odds will have a ripple effect throughout the market.

The Importance of Experience

The initial part of betting might not end up being what you had imagined due to several reasons. With that coming into effect, you need to think about a solution that makes sense. That particular solution is to gain experience because it matters the most. Gaining experience is essential as it helps you evaluate your choices and play the game correctly. So observe the live odds screen and look into the figures for a long time until you get hold of what it implies.


Decoding a Live Odds Screen

Sports bettors have a lot to focus on as the activity of sports betting is a process that involves a number of elements. It goes between different aspects, and taking note of the same will help you make the most of it. But all this will come to a halt if you are not aware of the live odds screen and the manner in which you need to read them. So to help you get going and venture into the direction that counts, here’s what you need to know about reading a sports betting live odds screen.


Out of all that you see on the live odds screen, sportsbooks stand to be quite essential, and you need to acknowledge all that they are putting forward. The different moves and the changes in the activity will be indicated, and observing the same will not be a huge deal. Based on the sportsbook that you are facing, things will move accordingly, and getting hold of the same is up to you. Be it offshore sportsbooks or any other category, understanding them is critical.

Decoding the Line

Betting patterns have always provided clarity to bettors as they use the same to figure out the market’s understanding of the game. With such information, you can evaluate your chances of discovering the team that has value and the team that is most likely to win. But the market will not always be right, and understanding the same is crucial to forming an accurate path to success. For this purpose, you need to track down line history and find differences between your understanding of the game and the market’s.


Moving on air is a typical phase that sports bettors hear time and again. As it suggests, it refers to an influential bettor placing a wager on either CRIS or Pinnacle. This is another reason for changes, and being aware of it will be of great help. While this happens, you might also come across sportsbooks that move their numbers as they believe in heading towards a particular direction. But that move might not always provide the right results as the impact that it creates drives things down.

The Need to be Vigilant

Sports bettors often suffer from outcomes that went unnoticed as they weren’t paying attention. Although it sounds like a small move, it might end up leading to something big and unfortunate. For that purpose, you need to be attentive and should focus on the screen. Having a book to note things down will also be of great help as it captures the things you need to know about. Hence, understand these points and move ahead to make it all count.

Odds Screen

Tips on How to Read a Sports Betting Live Odds Screen

Most of the sports bettors primarily concentrate on the result – that is in picking the winners. They do so, by following various methods like handcapping and also lounge on to the websites or visit their local Sportsbooks to place a bet. However, for seasoned bettors or the ones that solely concentrate on learning the strategy, they concentrate on the elevations of the game. This can be done using live odd screen services.

Over the years, this concept of odd live services has increased immensely. This also requires the knowledge of real-time odds that are vital for the majority of sports like football and basketball. However, many other sports like MLB do not require the bettor to possess these skills. Hence, it is imperative for any level bettors, to possess the knowledge of all kinds of betting strategies.

betting strategies

How to read the Odds Screen

Any odds screen comprise of various columns that depict the changing odds of the game. For instance, consider a column for the Pinnacle and the CRIS. CRIS is the originator line, which means the bettors who bet on this are the first to post. Sometimes the Sportsbooks open before the CRIS, which means they can offer lower limits to match with the lower limits of the CRIS. Pinnacle is used to take sizeable bets from various sharp bettors. The Sportsbooks that operate offline generally use these clones and information from online sources.

Moving On Air

It is a common phrase that is used in the community for sports betting and is generally used when a bettor places their bet on the CRIS or the Pinnacle on the onset of the game. This phrase is used out of fear to prevent other bettors from stepping in and placing their bets. However, this method is bleak as it provides a smaller option across the market, without producing a drastic variation in the line.



The betting pattern can often lead to clues in the market about a specific teams’ win. However, the sportsbooks’ merely move the lines so that the bettors think that the players have a history of success. By doing so, the bettors will automatically bet on such teams which comprise of the player. Hence, the market will remain stagnant or will not move wither for or against the player.


Alters are probably one of the best tools offered to us in the sports betting sector. It means how the team moves to make the number available to the bettors, and there exists millions of way to do so.

Bottom Line

Reading the odds on-screen is followed by a lot of feelings. Hence a seasoned player, who is into the game every week can grasp and predict whether or not the line of the bet will move consistently at one point or the other.


How to use a live odds screen

Live betting is a genre of the sports betting industry where the bettors are allowed to wager during a live match, even after the games have started, or the lines are drawn. It can depict everything from new odds or lines on the spread to the money line and the totals that change as the game progresses. Bettors can lock in the profits even before the game starts and also during the betting.

In this article, were going to cover the topics that are associated with live odds screens like:

  • Live odds screen comparison
  • Tracking the line movement
  • Using the live odds screen to predict the markets


Every bettor must have knowledge about the live odds screen. However, the lack of sufficient knowledge in today’s world results in the bleak opportunities for the realization in the odds software.


Different types of odd live screens

There exist two main types of screens – the corporate and the utility screens, where the former is also called the odds comparison website—the primary difference between the two lies with speed. Utility odd screens are often in the form of stand-alone pieces where the users can download the piece of software on to their computers or tablets. It also provides bettors with a wide range of customer options.

Many of the corporate websites earn revenue through various affiliate links, and despite many uses, the results are often on delay. As a result of this, they significantly cost more and also updates immediately with their APIs. This directly narrows us down to the relation – the quicker the feed, the higher the cost and the more the information, higher is the advantage provided to the players or bettors.

Timestamps on odd live screens

The odd screens generally consist of the times stamp screen which comprises of the history of all the changes in the odds and their movements. No one bettor will sit and monitor the screen all day long. It is typical for the bettors to miss specific of movements. This time screen shows the history of the odds and also allows to knack and track the line movement. It is one of the essential features as they say a lot about the types of bettors in the market. If the time duration is shorter, then the move is highly influential.

The value of experience

We suggest the bettors improve in their ability to watch the live time screen and judge the outcomes. This is because by watching the live screen, the bettors can quickly get the feeling to control the odds and the prices the bookmakers offer. Although at first, this can appear as a mess, it still comprises of some essential data essentials that can aid the bettors in day-to-day betting activities.


Top Benefits of Live Betting

If you have ever tried playing live betting, you know that the chances for you to win the game are exceptionally more than the traditional form of betting. However, you must also know that only a professional or a qualified bettor can bet via online betting as you need to understand the odds and advantages of live betting. You must also know the strategies as well as stats of the teams or the players before initiating your bet. Live betting is a unique platform where the punters have seen a lot of success. With these in mind, we will see a few of the advantages and benefits of playing live betting or in-game betting. Without creating any further ado, let us dive right into the article, shall we?

1. No Place for Pre-Game Strategies and Decisions

This is the first and foremost benefit. Live betting provides you with a way to increase bet by; looking at the game. This will help you increase the odds. Also, the beauty of live game betting resides in this. This also means that the punters don’t need to feel all rushed and pressured up as you can make the bet bit by bit by observing the market carefully.


2. Avoid Bad Beats

The second one on to top the list is none other than the avoiding bad beating. When you bet traditionally, the chances for you to win is less. There appear only fifty chances that you may either win or lose. But when you bet on the live-betting format, the odds will be on a favour for you, which means the chances for you to win is more. You will be offered as much time as possible within the game providing the way to win more.

3. See Game Play Before Betting

The third benefit of playing live betting is that you don’t have to think about losing the game at the end as you placing the bet while you are watching the match. This paves the way to increase the odds in favour to you. Here, you can clearly watch which team is losing or at the verge of winning and make your bet likewise. Also, you can keep an eye on the players and the team who are playing as it will increase the odds of playing.


4. Hedging Opportunities

The fourth benefit on the list is called the hedging opportunities. Here, the term indicates the most possibilities for you to win at the game. Without any doubt, one can say that the profit you can benefit from the game is far more than what you can accept from playing traditional betting.


It is not news that live bettors have more advantages to win that betting traditionally at the end of the game. Having said that, you must also know that the live bets are otherwise called as arbers. Arbers are nothing but arbitrage situations. Other words, one can say that arbitrage situations will help you to make the decision based on the match and game played fairly n the field.


Top 4 Websites for Live Betting

Long gone were the days where you have to wait till the match to get over entirely and then bet on the players or match you desire to. With the help of technology, live betting has been popular and in many ways, revolutionized the way the betting industry is run. Apart from that, you will be provided with many options whatsoever. The following post is all about famous and popular live betting site you don’t know where you can start betting while the match is on live. Without creating any further ado, let us dive right into the topic.


MyBookie is known as one of the best live betting sites for the Americans. Even though it has only been a few years, the website saw an increase in its flow of punters to the pathway. Due to its awesome technological software and integration of machine learning capabilities, the website offers pretty good odds and advantages for the punters to increase their chances of winning at the game. You will be provided with a vast arena to place the bet and enjoy gambling. The website offers content both for American sports as well as German Bundesliga 2 or Russian hockey.

Bovada Sportsbook


The second one on the list is none other than the SportsBetting.Ag, which is famous for the management, betting market, and exemplary betting strategies and odds for the punters while playing or betting on the live match. When a gambler starts betting live, one can be sure that the rewards ad bonuses option one can avail from the website is amazing and worth spending time for. They have competitive odds while comparing to the other live betting platform mentioned on the list.

Bovada Sportsbook

The third one on the list is none other than the one who is a newcomer but definitely a team player, Bovada Sportsbook. The website is famous for offering a few of the live betting platforms with good odds for the players to win the game. Apart from these, the website is also famous for offering one of the best wagering software apps in the live betting gaming field.

Bovada Sportsbook

GTBets Sportsbook

The fourth one is famous for its update of live odds just before the match is yet to happen. With its good history of reputation, the website offers some of the best odds for their customers to bet on and win. However, you must know that the live betting option is restricted to some limit, but one can still play in-play wagering at any cost.


The above mentioned are four of the best live betting website you may or may not know. One thing is sure that no matter how well you play if you don’t choose the right one, your play can end in disaster, which is why we recommend reading this post thoroughly and familiarizing the contents.


Sports Live Betting Types and Benefits Explained

It is not news that ever since sports betting and various forms of betting were introduced, the majority of audiences and punters go for live betting platforms. It is considered as the topmost type of betting space attracted by the punters. Simply put, live betting is a form of betting you do in between starting and ending of the game. Without any doubt, one can say that live betting is and will be one of the most amazing things ever happened to sports betting. To become a live betting specialist, one has to have good knowledge of betting and bookmakers space to grab the win. If you are a beginner in the space and is willing to study more, you may as well read the below-given post to get more exposure. Without any further discussion, let us dive right into the article.

Types of Live Betting You Don’t Know

There are many betting types you may or may not know about live betting. Each of them has a faded line that makes them different from each other. It takes a lot of deal to make out live betting types. Technology and its various subsections make it proper for the one betting bookmakers to provide the best choices for the punters. Having that in mind, let us look at various kinds of live betting platforms.

Live Betting

1. Traditional Bets

The first and the primary live betting option is nothing other than the traditional betting. The same forms of betting spaces that are available even before the game started are available at live betting platforms. One of the significant differences is the way the odds changes in favour of the house. There is only one way to explain this, and that is betting on who will win the bets and how will they win the bet made.

2. Prop Bets

The second one on the list is none other than the top bets. All kind of prop bets is available while live game betting space. If you are looking at prop bets, all kind of wagering will be provided with live gaming space just like the casino and technology is offered with the estimated speed to the punters.

3. Parlays

The next form of the live betting platform is nothing other than the Parlays. While doing the live betting platform, the bets you make can turn into parlays. This is where you can bet on the trend and struggle to make a bet happen. Here, while making the parlays bet you can also includes add on bets to the before made bets.

Benefits of Live Betting

The next category we will be discussing is the benefits. There will be a lot of change you can see while you bet live. Also, the odds can be fifty. Also, there is no pressure on the punter to decide while betting as it can differ as the game moves forward. Last but not least, another major advantage is that the punters will not face any rush while wagering at a live sports game.


How to Increase your Odds While Live Betting?

Of all the sport betting forms present in the playground, live betting is the most popular one. It is also one of the types embraced by the bettors around the globe alike due to various reasons. The main point why punters love betting on the live betting space is that there will be no rush on you. You can bet; however, you like as soon as the game starts. There will be bookmakers providing you with advantages and odds in order for you to win the game. In the following post, we will see a few of the tips to keep in mind to increase the chances of live betting. Without creating any further also, let us dive right into the article, shall we?

1. Betting on familiar sports

The first tip is to understand the statistics and gain a win over the known matches and known players while betting. For initiating a betting, you must know various things, and few of them include researching about the matches and players to increase the win on your behalf. A few minutes of concentration into the game is all needed for you to win the game. Before that, make sure to understand the sports and the players who are playing or not playing to win.


2.  Strategic

The second tip to keep in mind is to be strategic while betting on the match. There are many websites which don’t allow you to make live bets but will permit you to make bets while in the game is running. This is one of the spaces where you get to place the bets however you like without making you got through any pressure or anything. This will also help you to choose the bet that best suits the game while giving enough room for you to think. If you don’t want to bet in the beginning, you can place a bet by strategically placing your win accordingly.

3. Statistics

The third tip to keep in mind is to keep a close watch in the statistic of the players. Other than the real-time live betting, there are also layers which may or may not have a good reputation in their history. This is why you must need to understand your position of your players by checking the position of your match or the players you which to bet on.


Odds and Betting

One must know that odds are everything that makes the betting perfect. It is also the same that gives the odds for you to grab a win. This is why it is recommended that you must read odds before heading towards a live game to bet. Apart from these, you must also keep an eye on the stats and strategic platforms to win.


The above mentioned are only a few of the best way to increase the odds in favour of you to win. All the things mentioned before in one or the other way helps you either to win or to increase the chances to win at any live game you desire to bet.

uni bet

The best online betting sites

Betting is an activity carried away all around the world. It’s one of the oldest things of mankind. With the advent and revolution on the internet, betting has become more convenient. You no longer have to be physically present to place your bets. Out of the various betting sites available in the market, it’s easy to spot on for yourself. Though there are a lot of choices, the internet can be quite spooky and one needs to be quite careful when looking for a legitimate betting site. Thorough research and sharper concentration will figure out which one should you be playing on.

Mansion Bet:

Though the website does not feature live streaming and 24-hour support, it comes with a £100, cash bonus with the initial deposit of £10.  The website includes free to play pick six-game, make a betting club, faller insurance, Acca insurance, Acca boost, with best odds promised on UK and Irish horse races.  Regulated by United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Manson Bet is one of the betting sites that has a user-friendly design and a mobile application that has been programmed keeping in view the functions of the business. You can bet on more than 32 sports with various payment options.



The interface of race bets is highly-secure and easy to use. The top edge comes from the easy processing of money with multiple payment options. Though it doesn’t have the 24-hour customer service, it compensates that by faster service and hassle-free processing. With an initial deposit of £5, you can hit the bonus of £50. Racebets is focused entirely on horses, greyhound and other racing variants offering best odds on the game with events to choose from UK, France, South Africa, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Chile, Australia, Belgium, Turkey, Canada India, USA, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. There is no mobile application for now but the online interface that the website offers caters to all customer needs.


Coral Sports:

Coral Sports has its name in the UK betting business. From its list of betting markets to free bonuses, the site has attained a fair position among the bettors. The interface offers fewer payment options to Non-UK citizens and is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This puts the worries of players at ease and restricts any identity fraud. Incorporated with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Firewall, the website is highly secure and processes transactions faster. Easy-to-use features and customer-friendly design, Coral customer care can be contacted by telephone or email. Like the website, the phone App is easy to design. In Coral Sports, betting is just three clicks away.



Unibet has a wide selection of betting markets available. The top edge comes from its mobile and online interface that is user-friendly, easy-to-use, convenient and much faster than most of the counterparts. You can trigger a bonus of £40 with an initial deposit of £5, but though there are limitations on the mobile app, the website interface is much easier to use. You should be able to find the logo of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission on the website The information you put in is encrypted and cannot be accessed by any party even by the Unibet Staff. The queries can be resolved through FAQs, Live Chat or the email.


Though Sportsnation comes with a limited number of payment options, the interface has a generous match bonus. With convenient support and customer service, the website is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The Website uses an SSL certificate which provides an extra layer of security to your information. The site has designed in such a way that it doesn’t confuse you and if you’re using the App, you can gamble on the Go. La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, Europa League, Champions League, Euro 2020 are a few examples of the events you can bet on.


Various betting sites offer different betting markets. Even though few are yet to dominate the market, many are climbing new heights in matters of customer outreach. Be it Mobile Apps or the multiple payment options, modern betting websites are well equipped to cater to the betting needs.

The best ways for Tennis betting

Sports betting is supposed to be fun but with certain rules, you can pull it off. Though you don’t need to be a know-it-all, all you have to do is dig in a little deep to finally bear the fruit. So if you’re willing to give it a go, you should consider researching how things work. Like other sports Tennis betting works the same way and revolves around the same concept of betting: Know what you are into? And if you are placing your bet, let that be your best shot.


If you are betting on a tennis player, you need to know the form. Form study is very important for your convenience and security. If the player was performing well and suddenly fell from their prime, there must be a reason for it. Bad form is bad and you should never put your money in stars. For example, if a player lost and it was revealed that he had the flu, you should be comfortable in betting in him but if a player is nursing an injury or is really in a bad form, you should never put your money on him. That’s why a thorough understanding of stats and form history is important.


Bet responsibly. Betting is a complex and complicated exercise. You shouldn’t do it without even giving a second thought. The paramount factor of betting in tennis or any betting is that you should only bet when there is value and skip if it has no value. Select a few events where there is betting value and trust your calculations.

Handicap betting:

The handicap betting is much more popular in tennis betting. It allows you to bet on an equal market. The Handicap entails several games added to one player’s score whereas the same number deducted from another player’s score. The Handicap betting is less popular among the bettors of other sports.


Score betting:

This is the very simplest form of tennis score betting. You simply predict the score of the match. This brings a boost to your yield. In Grand Slam matches, you can place your bets on the particular set, as there are different possible outcomes.

Multiple Bookmarkers:
Limiting yourself with few choices doesn’t work out in sports betting. Managing a range of Bookmarkers allows you the flexibility in the market and keeps your options open. Having different options on your bet adds to the benefits in the long run. Don’t restrain from availing the services of different bookmarkers.


Pressure and Crowd:

You must understand how players react under extreme conditions. Pressure plays an important role in sports betting and how certain players react to it makes a difference. Study the behavior of the player in these conditions. Not to mention, go against the crowd and follow your head. There are no favorites in betting. The audience may love a particular player and you may develop a specific liking, but when it comes to placing your bet, do the right thing and wager on the right player.



Tennis betting works the same way only that sport is different. The games are filled with enthusiasm and a huge rush of adrenaline and that’s what makes betting fun. Consider researching the players, study the recent patterns and deep knowledge about the developments of the game will take you far in the field of Tennis betting. Furthermore, if you are betting on the game, know your game and get familiar with the names. Dig up their history and have a first-hand knowledge about their playing form and other important details.

Ways in which you can differentiate between a fake and a genuine betting site

Where the internet has brought us closer and made our activities much easier, it has also opened us to the murky world of fraudsters. Though they are less in number one is vulnerable to their attacks. Over the year’s law enforcement agencies and genuine businesses have constructed measures to curb the fraud by making their institutions more recognizable and adopting various security measures. Though the steps are being taken, users are also advised to be vigilant lest they might fall prey to the scams.


If a sportsbook has to operate, they need permission from the authorities to conduct their business. The Licenses are showcased on their websites and within few seconds you may be able to find it. Though few may keep the License numbers in the second pages of the website, you need to look carefully to verify the details. The License numbers are usually displayed on the front pages of the betting sites and you will find it almost on every site.

Online sites

Delayed Pay-outs:
The technological advancements have reached a summit. What took days in the past days is a matter of minutes now. Pay-outs may take little time on a genuine betting site but if it promises more than that, chances are that it’s fake. The money is usually transferred within 2-3 business days and should not take a lot of time.


Genuine betting sites do offer bonuses and promotions to its bettors but if you spot a line that’s too good to be true, it’s a fake one. If the betting site spots you an underdog, it might be a fake one. Sign-up bonuses are other signs. Legit betting sites offer sign-up bonuses to some extent but fake sites take it a step farther. For example, if you spot a bonus of 500%, don’t get tempted and restrain from any activity, the notification might prompt you to do. That surely is fake.

Live Betting

Customer service:

Legitimate betting sites pride themselves on their customer service and offer uninterrupted help through their chat, email or phone line. Spoof betting sites will have no such features. You may find a phone number but none will pick it up or there is no chat facility. It’s better to browse to a safer one.

Website design:

The website design is very important. Most of the fake betting sites are made in a hurry and you can identify various mistakes in it. The unmatching graphics and slow loading can be a few things. The legit sites are much faster and professional in processing.

Rules and regulations:

From typing errors to the disappearance of whole lines, edit or informing that the rules are changed regarding bonuses, are signs of a fraudulent site. A genuine site will live up to its name.

Age & security:

Most of the fake sites don’t make it in the long run. They are either reported or they disappear whereas legal bookmarkers are there to stay. Research a little about the website, search the name on the WHOIS database to know the age of the site. See if the site uses an SSL certificate or not. Every betting site will have an SSL certificate and connection will be secured.


Equipped with a little knowledge and common sense, it’s easy to spot fake betting websites. There is a red alert on every one of these fake websites. From the bonuses they offer to the haphazard website design, you can identify the sites within the blink of your eye. There are rare cases of online fraud in the market of sports betting due to the online vigilance of law enforcement agencies and legal houses who take appropriate action against such sites with nefarious designs.

Tips to better your Basketball betting skills

Bettors have been making decent money on basketball for years. For the starters, it may sound a little confusing as to where to start from but as you grow and keep betting in the game, you will gradually grow in the game. From various teams to assessing the skill set of the player, betting on Basketball is a fun activity. You will eventually develop your strategies of beating the odds and hitting the win but before that could happen, you need a lot of knowledge about the game.

Team Schedule:

Basketball involves a lot of games in the league. Unlike football, Basketball has many games in just a few days. Check the schedule of the game and see how many games the team has played? For example, If the team is set to play its fourth game on the fifth day, it’s obvious they would be tired. The fatigue would affect their performance in the game. This is how the schedule will help you place your bet. See if they’re traveling a lot during the games and act accordingly.

Blown-out teams:

There will be certain teams that seem to be having no form currently or have lost but remain a preferable choice among the bettors. Even after a big loss, they are still favored. That means they hold water in the game and certainly are capable of pulling off a victory. You need to look-out for these teams.


The right thing to do initially is to shop around and find the perfect bookie. You may have to browse through various Bookmarkers until you find your Bookie, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it. You should consider services like bonuses and promotions while choosing a bookmarker.


This shouldn’t be said but money management is very important. You can go broke with mismanagement and that’s why you should have proper management. Furthermore, don’t bet the money you can’t afford to lose. Keep a specific amount for betting.


Like other sports betting, Basketball betting is not about heart but numbers. It’s obvious after playing for some time, you will develop a liking for a certain team but betting is a game of number and public appeal can be wrong sometimes. Betting is all about numbers and you should never act otherwise.


Don’t stick to a single Bookmarker and shop around. It’s completely logical to shop for other bookmarkers. Take advantage of the offers and bonuses offered by Bookmarkers. Don’t settle for one but go and scroll other bookmarkers.

Study the Stats:
Betting is no longer a leisure activity and various bettors consider it an investment. A successful bettor is made of many things and one of them being: Stats. Betting is a numbers game and if you have the highest numbers, you will hit the jackpot. The pace of the team, the points scored, the current performance and the winning ratio are a few examples where you should be focusing upon. A thorough understanding of the stats will aware of the happenings in the game and help you place your bet in the right spot.


Basketball like any other sports betting is full of adrenaline rush and a lot of bets. Bettors have been making wads of cash in the game. However, it may seem pretty complicated at the start but as you begin to understand how the betting works in Basketball, you will certainly get the hold of it. Though you can’t master it in one single day you can understand the dynamics of the game and how the betting works in the field.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts in sports betting

Whatever it is, there are limitations to everything. Whether it’s your life, relationship or job, Do’s and Don’ts guide us to the nearest goal. When it comes to sports betting, one must understand these things properly unless they don’t care about their money. Winning and losing come and go, but what separates the approach is how winners address the ups and downs and maintain a stable behavior in their game. Sports betting involves a high pump of adrenaline and hard-earned stake, that would rush anybody’s heart, but this anxiety requires that you take calculated steps for your game.


Everything in betting revolves around money and as long as you have it, things will be relatively good. The first and foremost thing you should do is to set aside the money meant for betting. You won’t lose all of the money but it’s always safe to keep a particular amount so that your betting puts no pressure on your daily life. By that way, you won’t have to keep track of every bet and you would exactly know how much money you lost from your bankroll. Furthermore, don’t bet the amount you can’t afford to lose.

sports betting

Chasing losses:

It’s not a good way of betting if you chase your losses. Losing is bad and what can drown you is the habit of chasing losses. Suppose you lost straight-four bets of $30, to make up of recover all the money you would have to bet $120. That’s where you should stop and cease that habit. You need to learn how to gradually climb to victory. After losing three straight bets or four, you would think that you’re bound to win but that’s not the case. Be slow and consistent. Don’t chase your losses and concentrate on the game. When you concentrate more on chasing the losses, you lose your interest in the game and the mind is dominated by the thought of recovering the losses. Don’t do that.


Compare sportsbooks available online. You will see that many are trying to win you over. From bonuses to sign-on bonus, a cash-match, or free credits, they have their ways to approach you. Many of these are good deals if you know how to utilize them. In some books, you can get a proper deal for your online betting and many of the books offer bonuses for their new customers. However, some certain rules and regulations regulate the offers but it would be quite unwise if you didn’t make use of the offers the books offer.


Don’t bet on every game:

Bet on the game you know better. There is no need to place your bets on every game and instead, you should focus on betting on particular games. This gives you the upper hand in sports betting.

Don’t follow the heart:

After a long period, it’s completely obvious to have developed a liking with a certain team but betting is not about the heart and it involves money. You should never follow the heart but listen to the data and if your favorite doesn’t qualify, you should not place your bet on them.


Spotting an Under is like finding the golden dust in betting. It’s always fun to watch the new faces emerge and losers turning into winners. If you can spot your underdog, put your bet, cross your fingers and hope you’re right.

There are certain limitations in sports betting on what you should do and what you shouldn’t? But when it comes to winning or losing, it’s always based upon the game. You never know what’s coming out of the game. Though with experience and understanding, you can elevate your chances of winning but nothing can be guaranteed until the game is over. With a little bit of luck and a lot of understanding, you may finally pull it off.

Live Odds Screen

Tips on how to read sports betting Live Odds Screen

Understanding odds, reading a Live Odds Screen, and Sports Books layout is one of the initial things bettors avail themselves with. Whether it’s the injury or the margin, the Live Odds Screen will guide you through everything. The screen acts an educated peek in the developments in the market and helps you direct your bet at the perfect spot.

Free Odds Screen:

Before you could plunge yourself into the real world of betting, you should consider learning the Live Odds Screen. Various sites on the internet offer free Screens to help users know the working of the Screen. Quite easy to understand, the Free Odds Screen offers a chance to understand the betting market and if you’re using a free one, it acts as your training session.

Free Odds Screen


You can’t keep a track all the time. Perhaps you went to sleep or have a cup of coffee, in this time you miss the odds movement. By Time Stamp, you can go back and track the line movement. You can tell how quickly the move occurred or the margin. It reveals a bigger picture of the bettor in the market.



The value meter is one of the important features of the Live Odds Screen. It helps you to analyze games that are offering value based on various factors. You can find the options just a click away. The User-friendly design notifies you about the various developments and injuries/suspensions in the game.

Live Odds Screen can seem to be very hectic when you first start using it but as soon as you get the hold of it, you will organize the Screen according to your needs. It requires a little patience and the more you work on it, the better. It’s quite easy to understand and after a few days, you will be easily able to navigate around it.


Moving on Air and Line History:

When an influential bettor places a bet, you will see the game start to move. You need to have a watchful eye over it. Out of fear, small sportsbooks will move their numbers and you need to spot it. If you can spot the little patterns in the game, you will stay ahead in the game. The common phrase in the betting is that “market isn’t always correct”. Having said that, some time you will need to take some radical steps to step up your betting game. If you track the line history, you will find patterns and times where you will have to take a firm stand, even against the popularly held belief. That’s what betting is all about: uncertainty.

Alert and Notification:

Live Odds Screen offers alerts to notify you of the developments in the game by the help of push notifications. For example, if any team misses an opener, you will get a simplified notification about it on your device. This helps you to formulate your next step.


Live Odds Screen can prove to be rocket-science at first but as you get along, you will get the hold of it. The best part about the screen is that you can customize it according to your requirements devoid of any irregularities. Though it’ll take you a few hours until you get the mastery over its working and be comfortable, you will still find it quite comfortable at the beginning. And you don’t have to worry about missing out at the developments as the tracker will get you through the history and avail you of the information. If you’re into betting, you can also try out Free Live Odds Screens available on the internet and then come back to the real one.

Betting Apps for Androids

The best sports score betting Apps for Androids

Android market is one of the most accessible markets in the world and the betting world is not aloof from it. Programmers develop betting applications to reach their users and with modern Android technology, betting on your cell phone has become much easier. Be it live-bets or betting markets, applications are easy to use with faster payment options. Among the various application available in the android market, it’s quite easy to pick one to download. A look into its reviews will reveal everything.

Onside sports:

The mobile application has won the hearts of its users. Its user-friendly design and faster algorithm give it the top edge among the other apps available. The app gives access to rates and updates sports scores every second. You can leave your opinion in the chat, have access to details like betting trends and injury updates, and statistics of each game. The results are in real-time. Onside Sports is one such application that allows its users the experience of a convenient betting.


Betfair offers its user the convenience of betting without a bookmarker. Pretty unique and friendly in its design, Betfair has the best quotes in comparison to the bookmarker. The app comes with a discount or offers to new players but also special offers for premium players. You can bet on almost every event. What sets Betfair apart is the availability of its betting event and in other words, on Betfair betting is just a press away.


In the world of online betting, Bet365 is its brand. Bet365 is the online bookmarker that gives the line of the matches of tennis tournaments ITF, including the qualifications and doubles. The app is featured with faster-pay-outs, perfect design and comfortability in terms of design. Bet365 is designed for one purpose and one only; uninterrupted betting. Though there were grievances in the earlier version, the updated app that can be downloaded on the phone is an example of high-end programming.


The mobile application is the simplest of the designs you would ever see. Place your bet and cash-out. That’s the idea behind it. Real-time enabled, BetVictor offers betting markets like tennis, football, horse racing, golf and large-scale sporting events – the Champions League, and Premier League. The application’s design makes it easier to use even to a person who is not tech-savvy and comes with faster cash-out services.


Betway Live Sports Betting

When we are mentioning betting application, Betway live Sports Betting is unique in its way. Through this application, you can place your bet on more than 14,000 sporting events of the world including tennis, rugby, cricket, football, hockey, and basketball. The applications of customer care are available through chat, email, and phone. Betway has dominated certain blocks of the online betting market for quite some time and it’s unlikely that this application will fade into oblivion. If it’s current stats are considered, the growth of the application is only hiking.


The application offers you sports betting under your fingertips with features like live sports betting and the new mobile casino. Including world-famous leagues, you can place your bets on almost every sport. You have access to live football statistics, coefficients in real-time, and also has a VIP program. Sporting Bet offers a bonus to its new users and secure, reliable and faster payment options.


The betting market knows the benefits of connecting itself with the android world. The cell phone market is growing day by day and the betting world is not aloof from it. You can now place your bet while sitting on traveling on a bus. That’s what makes mobile betting application a must-have. With access to almost every betting service and completely responsive, the applications offer every bettor looks forward to.

Zone Starts

Some advanced stats that can help you ace hockey betting

Hockey is perhaps one of the sports that require more attention in the sporting world. Having said that, the market for the Hockey game is much softer than other sports. Only a few bettors gamble on the sporting events of hockey, not that it’s not interesting or isn’t productive, but due to the lack of awareness around it. Like there is a difference between female and male players, Hockey seems to be suffering from ignorance, but when it comes to betting, the game is certainly a game-changer. Bettors have identified the caliber of the game and it has started to attract a decent number of bets in the last decades.

Corsi Stats:

hockey betting

The Corsi is an advanced stat in Hockey that determines how many shots are attempted while at the strength play. This includes even the shots that are missed and they also fall under the Corsi statistics. It’s widely used in betting and used as a tool for single-player or team evaluation. When it comes to betting, Team statistics are used to evaluate betting lines.

Fenwick Hockey Stats:

Both of the stats are identical and you may choose any of them. However, there is a little difference between the stats, Corsi Stats counts blocked shots and Fenwick discounts them. This is the major difference between both of them. Fenwick and Corsi can be used to count the team’s ability to put up goals and help in assessing the goals of the team.


The best way to know how a goaltending stats works are to work on different stats and merge them to have a collective perception of the result. This is considered the hardest cog of the handicapping of hockey.


Zone hockey stats:

Among other stats, it’s quite easy to understand. The statistics are to measure the offensive prowess of the team and hold in the defensive zone which is represented by oZS% and dZS%. The stats can let you know which teams have a higher offensive zone and hence, high chances of scoring goals. The teams with most attacking chances will end up scoring goals. Stats are also used to evaluate the abilities of an individual player and hence should never be overlooked:


PTS helps to evaluate the abilities of an individual player. Injuries in the play can shuffle the team line and provide more time to a player that was lower in the line-up. The stat helps to foresee their game. Points per 60 minutes, showcases the filed level of a game. One of the popular stats to evaluate individual players.


Zone Starts:

The stat is valuable in assessing the performance when shifted from the defensive zone to the offensive zone. If the player has a high Zone Starts percentage, he will manufacture more in an offensive role. Understanding of stats may take a while but with a strong grip over it, you should be able to predict the destination of your bet.


With the addition of Corsi and Fenwick, PDO is used to track the shooting percentage and the team saves percentage. It assesses the ability and caliber on both sides. Available for both team and individual player, PDO is a valuable stat in evaluating the team as a whole.


Analytics are important. Predictions run on data and data produces favorable output. However, you should never overlook other factors like the power play and prowess of your team. As it goes in the world in betting, follow your head and bet on the data. There are no favorites and dislikes in betting, all that is the stats and once you understand that, you are set to go.

Odds in Sports betting

How to Beat the Odds in Sports betting?

Sports betting can be unprecedented. There is so much to analyze that if you overlooked a single pattern, you will lose your grip in the bet. From understanding odds to placing the bet at the right time, you are always alert in sports betting. Though betting is easy and fun, we tend to repeat the same mistakes that we do in our daily life. After all, betting is all about money and if you are not getting anything out of it, you need to reconsider your priorities. There are certain things you need to do if you are pinning to win.

Yes, to head and no to heart:

The first and foremost thing in sports betting is that it’s a game of money. Over time, you might develop a certain kind of liking for any team but when it comes to betting from your heart and follow your head. If your team isn’t fit to win and data is against it, place your bet on the team that you think will win. There is no favorite in betting and it’s all about numbers. One day they follow one and the other day another. You need to be a numbers person and follow where the numbers take you.


Betting and yourself:

Before you wager your money, understand sports betting and how does it work. There is a lot to learn about sports betting and yourself. Retrospect your choices and ponder upon the thoughts of why you are doing it? Study game patterns and learn about what makes a bettor. You may pick up tips from other bettors.


Understand the power of money. Some people go broke or betting affects their life. This shouldn’t be the case with you. Create a bankroll and keep a particular amount for betting. Raise the number of your bets sensibly and don’t chase your losses.


Don’t rush and sit back and let the Bookmarker set out its options. You don’t have to bet every game but wait for the spot that offers you the best value. This is a very important step. Furthermore, there are many bookmarkers available and you shouldn’t just stop at one. Dig until you find the best deal.


The bookies offer many things to attract new players. These perks should never be ignored as it’s your boost in the market. You can have an enhanced pay-out and cut on the bookie share. Keep open multiple sports betting accounts, so that you have the option of choosing the odds that suit you better.


Betting is all about noticing and that too at the same time. There is so much of going on in the field that requires your attention. It may skip the bookie’s mind but you need to look for the patterns and notice carefully. Look for team behavior and if anything is happening. Chances are that you can see the difference in the field and able to spot the underdog.

Extragravance and public opinion:

Avoid the hefty bets and make your way smoothly. Keep a proper balance between winning and losing. It’s comfortable knowing that general opinion on output is with you, but don’t believe in that. Betting is a game of numbers and the public approach is all about heart. Concentrate on the numbers and don’t let the public opinion fool you. Sucker bets are a no way to go. Certain bets offer so good odds that you are prompted to bet, but if it’s “too good to be true”, you need to reconsider. After all, in betting, nothing comes for free.


The one thing about sports betting is that it’s unprecedented. You can seem to be winning but a sudden action can cause you to lose. This uncertainty makes it more interesting. It’s all about numbers and how well are you aware of your numbers.

Facts about a live odds screen

Traditionally you were required to place your bet before the game started and then your doors of doing anything were closed, but soon this system was modified to allow bettors a modified experience. Live betting is where bettors can place their bets based on how things are going in the sporting event. It neither old not new, but the different approach surely attracted a whole bunch of new players to the market.

Value meter:

The value meter is a very important feature of the Live Odds screen. It allows the users to know and analyze the games which are offering value based on various factors.  The option is programmed inside the account and is just clicks away. The user-friendly design allows the bettor to find any service in mere seconds.


Bookmarkers play an important role in the whole process. The first and foremost thing is it allows the selection of bookmarkers. The initial step of sports betting. There will be dozens of events displayed on the odds screen.


You can’t keep a track all the time. Perhaps you went to sleep or have a cup of coffee, in this time you miss the odds movement. By Time Stamp, you can go back and track the line movement. You can tell how quickly the move occurred or the margin. It reveals a bigger picture of the bettor in the market.

various screens provide and notify you about the various developments in the game including the recent developments and injury/ suspensions. This way you are aware of the happenings of the game and equipped with proper knowledge.

live odds screen

At first Live Odds screen can be a real mess and apart from flashing colors and numbers, you wouldn’t understand anything but if you take a little time and organize it in such a way that everything is organized, you can certainly have a watchful eye over the market. The more you watch the screen, the more you will learn from it. You may take help from anyone who knows but when it comes to learning, it usually happens within.


Live Odds screens are user-friendly, though it may seem a little hectic at first when you start using it, you will soon get the hold of it. They are designed to meet your needs. You can customize your Live Odds Screen according to your comfortability, change margins or regions. It depends upon your convenience as to how you wish to do it.


One of the marvels technology has brought it to us is that it has made our life more convenient and if you can’t go to the racecourse, the course will come to you. The Live Odds screen helps you keep an eye on the game and tracking the sporting event bit by bit. Whether you fall asleep or went outside, you will have a proper history of the happenings during your absence.


Live Odds displays are user-friendly, but when you start using them it may seem very stressful at first, you’ve got to take it early. It is built to fulfill the requirements. You should adapt your Live Odds Screen to your convenience, margins or regions. How you want to do that depends on your comfort.


In earlier times, when you placed a bet, you were required to do it before the game but the Live betting system changed everything. You can now place the bet when the game is already unfolding and to keep a watch over it, you have the odds screen. Easy to understand, the screen can be customized according to your needs and requirements. Though there may be certain things to get a hold on first before you start making sense of the screen with a little concentration, you can get the hang of it. The odds screen acts as a glass that magnifies your sporting event and guides it.

Odds Screen

Tips On Reading Sports Betting Live Odds Screen

 Individuals tend to move out of focus when they are not able to predict odds and place bets accordingly. The central fact about this matter tends to go for sports betting that intends to take place on the live screen. Numerous tend to place bets but become entirely clueless when it comes to the live screen. For this purpose, you need to understand the process to make matters meet. Once you are on board with the same, you will understand that it’s all basics and things are quite simple. Hence, if you wish to have that feeling, then you need to keep reading.

The Importance of CRIS


 One of the most essential things that you need to know about is CRIS that appears on the odds screen. By looking at the same, you will get an idea about the events and how things are bound to take place. Out of this, CRIS tends to hold prime importance and makes matters essential. For those of you don’t know what CRIS, it is nothing but a line originator that is the first to post. Since they carry a name, it is quite essential for you to explore and understand this screen. By doing so, you will face progress, and everything will be going in the right direction.

 Injuries and Other Such Occurrences

 Staring at the odds screen is beneficial, but things are not going to be the same all the time. When it comes to instant updates, it is better for you to switch to twitter and other such places. In fact, there are numerous individuals who tweet out updates and one of them may even highlight about a specific injury or so. By keeping a tab on the same, you can be more assured about things, and your bets may never go the wrong direction. By all means, your span of attention is what matters the most, and you must never lose that.



 This is another essential tip that comes in handy for all kinds of sports betting. They tend to predict market conditions and will inform you about a lot that may or may not happen. Going on board with the same will eventually bestow a high price, and you can be glad about the process. By all means, your odds at losing will decline since it will be replaced by the odds of winning. Top phrases and categories also come into this picture and take matters towards the better. When it all turns out, you can be assured of real results, and there will be nothing to worry about. Hence, follow these tips and make the most out of this process.


a Pro

Betting Like a Pro

Reaching the top is not an easy job since it carries a load of pressure and involves a unique set of skills. Since all individuals cannot achieve this feet, you will see very few make it to the list of experts. But this does not mean that you need not try to enter the top. By all means, making an effort can go, either way, so you need to do the same. Things are quite the same when it comes to betting. People don’t become experts overnight since it is a gradual process. Hence, here are a few tips that will help the process to begin and start.



One of the most essential aspects of betting is analysis. There are numerous ways to develop the same, and you need to know all about it. Through analysis, you can come out with results that first began in the form of predictions. For this purpose, you need to sit back and learn all about the same. During this process, you will also have to watch a couple of videos related to the sport. Through this, your knowledge gets shaped, and you can be assured to get positive results. Once you have a knack for the game, you will start to sense a pattern and a basic idea will be generated. Hence, it’s time that you begin your homework.

Commentary and Other Reviews

Top games will always have commentaries from experts who were legends on the field. These individuals understand the restrictions of the game, and their word can mean a lot. Although it is wrong to call it accurate, it is not wrong to call it essential. Listening to what they have to say will teach a lot about the sport and can be considered as the initial step towards becoming a pro.


An individual who bets on sports will always have a record with him that contains various details about games and other related events. So if you are planning on becoming one, then it would help if you cultivated this habit. Your book needs to be in detail and should include all that is necessary about a particular player or event. Hence, go ahead and start the process of keeping a tab.


Coping Up with Failures

The road to becoming a pro is not an easy one since it is crowded with failures. For that very purpose, you need to have another column on that record, where you record your matches. Once you have a clue about why you lost, you will have the right amount of confidence to move forward. So your book needs to be big and should also be filled with valuable information.

Scores and Odds

The Best Scores and Odds Apps for You

Technology has taken us all by surprise and gifted us toys that need to be used accordingly. As far as the 21st century is concerned, these toys are apps since there’s one for everything. Regardless of the need, you will end up finding an app that can do things. On that note, there are particular apps that help you with scores and also displays odds. These unique apps are large in number, but not all of them can fit into a list of the top. Hence, to give you a brief idea about the same, here are some of the best scores and odds app that you can download.

theScore: Sports News & Scores

News & Scores

Just as the name suggests, this app is an essential one to keep you updated on the world of sports. In terms of user experience, the app changes the very definition and gives you the right results needed for information. With this app, you can customize your feed and fill it with all your favourites. Yes, that’s right. You can make sure that the app caters to your demands by providing the right kind of information needed to accelerate what you like. Hence, go ahead and download the same to experience.

CBS Sports – Scores, News and Stats

You will be engrossed into your phone from the very moment that you install CBS Sports. The app delivers what you need and takes odds to the very next level. In terms of graphics and user experience, you need to note that the scoreboard is filled real-time stats that tend to be valid all the time. Regardless of the sport, you can get the information that you wanted and also move forward with confidence. Since it is also available on all platforms, you can be assured of getting your hands on the same.

Live Scores and Odds

In terms of accuracy, we would like to say that the name of this app is accurate to the primary function. Yes, that’s right. Once you download the same, you will get exposed to a new world of odds that is analytical and technical at the same time. By all means, you can look at scores and the odds, thus managing to come up with a basic idea about how things will move.

The Action Network: Sports Scores & Live Tracker

Live Tracker


The Action Network is another beautiful app that works on all platforms. The user experience that it offers has created a pool full of reviews, and you can be glad about downloading the same. Apart from that, the features cannot be comparable to the apps on top, but it still manages to create a ground for itself. Hence, those were our list of some of the best.

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