Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has arrived, and a majority of fans seem to agree that the game is very fun to play. However, the game has a very lacking presentation. The graphics and aesthetics do not really gel well within the game, and the roster is pitiful. The first set of DLC has already been announced, with more to come, hopefully improving the roster. To help Capcom a little, I will be listing out the characters from both Marvel and Capcom I would like to see make it as DLC. I will not be talking about the obvious ones though: I’ll be going through the obscure characters that deserved to be in the game.

Making this list turned out to be a more difficult endeavor than I initially thought, as I realized my knowledge of Capcom only extends to Resident Evil and Mega Man. My Marvel knowledge is solid – I’ve been keeping up with the latest comic news and stories for years now. With all that said, here is my list of obscure characters that should be in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.


5. Capcom – Junpei Todoroki from Tech Romancer

If I learned only one thing about Capcom in my research it is the fact that Capcom loved making new fighting games during the 90s. They didn’t just make Street Fighters and the Marvel fighting games, they have an entire library of other classic fighting games. They had Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, Power Stone, and Tech Romancer. I didn’t even know half of those existed, and after spending some viewing time on YouTube with these games, I now wish that all of these fighting games caught on and became just as popular as Marvel vs. Capcom. Tech Romancer looked the coolest to me. It had giant robots fighting each other, and robots are always awesome.

Tech Romancer wasn’t Capcom’s first fighting robots games, as Cyberbots was short of a spiritual predecessor. Cyberbots was the game that had Jin, a character from Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2. Jin was cool in the first two MvC games, and if he isn’t going to return to the series anytime soon, at least bring in his spiritual successor. Junpei Todoroki is a walking anime cliché, with both his backstory and overall design being uninspired. But gosh darn it, I won’t deny that his giant robot is awesome looking. If Capcom was able to make Jin work as a playable character in MvC 1 and 2, they definitely can make Junpei work in Infinite.


5. Marvel – Armor from the X-Men

Let’s get to the chase; there are no X-Men characters in the initial roster of MvC Infinite. We all know Fox owns the film rights of the X-Men (and Fantastic Four), and Disney does not want their Marvel products advertising characters from a rival studio. I keep coming across fans online pessimistically believing that the X-Men have a slim chance making into the game. I find that belief to be ridiculous. While I won’t deny that there is a possibility that none of the X-Men may show up in Infinite, to me there is small chance that no Mutant characters will make it in the cut. Here’s the thing that people seem to forget – Marvel owns video game rights for all their characters, including X-Men. Fox owns the movies rights, not the games. There was a time that Marvel went out of its way to not include mutant characters in any of their products, yet the company now appears to have lightened up on their no X-Men stance. X-Men just recently made an appearance in the mobile game, Future’s Fight.

So yes, X-Men characters can be in Marvel games. Besides the X-Men we all know and love, like Wolverine and Storm, I would like to see Armor in the game. Created by Joss Whedon (director of the Avengers by the way) in the mid-2000s, Armor is a mutant with the ability to create a powerful psionic exoskeleton. The exoskeleton covers her entire body and acts like armor. It gives her super strength and endurance, allowing herself to go toe-to-toe with the strongest X-Men enemies. With a strong concept like that, it is surprising she hasn’t had a bigger role in the X-Men comics or the extended media focusing on the X-Men. She deserves more focus, and I think MvC can give that to her.


4. Capcom – Akira Kazama from Rival Schools

One of Capcom’s earliest 3D fighters, Rival Schools is essentially a fighting game mix together with every high school anime cliché from the 80s and 90s. The Rival School games center on students from different high school facing off against one and another. All the characters are super over-the-top, and it is anime as heck. It is so anime that it may be too overbearing to some people. To others, like me, it makes the game feel more charming. The gameplay is solid, considering it was one of Capcom’s earliest 3D fighters. Sadly it never caught on and it fell into semi-obscurity.

Fortunately, Capcom hasn’t completely forgotten about Rival Schools. Several characters in the series have recently made background appearances in a Street Fighter V stage, and the lead character Batsu has appeared in other crossover games for Capcom already. Akira Kazama, one of the more popular characters among fans, is possibly the character that I would like to see the most in Marvel vs. Capcom game. Though her fighting style is basic, it is her story that makes her interesting. Disguised as a punk biker in order to lead a gang to find her brother, she wears a biker helmet throughout the game until the end. The game then has Metroid-twist when she lifts off her helmet and reveals she was a girl the whole time. The twist may be seen as a cliché now, but it is one of the main things that have endured her among fans in these little-known fighting game series.


4. Marvel – Xorn from the X-Men

Honestly, I could make a whole list of minor X-Men characters that I would love to see in Marvel vs. Capcom. The X-Men have had some of the oddest and at the same time the best, characters throughout the franchise’s five decades-long existence. It is a shame that Marvel has gone out of its way to undermine everything X-Men in their products since they do not own the film rights to mutants.

One of the more oddball creations to appear in X-Men comics is Xorn. Xorn is a Chinese mutant who has a BLACK HOLE IN HIS HEAD. He can turn his black hole into a sun as well, and he has a variety of other powers like healing and telepathy. However his extra powers do not matter, it is the fact that he has a black freaking hole in his head, and can destroy the planet anytime he wants. Without questioning the science of how any of this makes sense, the idea of having the power of the sun in your head is a cool concept. MvC can come up with unique ideas for how to make Xorn work, giving him cool moves that can play off of his miniature sun in his head. There is also this really convoluted story about Xorn being Magneto in comics, only to be retcon that he wasn’t, and he has a brother with the exact same powers, and Marvel treated it as if it never happen… Comics are weird.


3. Capcom – Shade from Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness

Just look at him, this guy just screams bad guy. While more of an antagonist for the heroic Jin to overcome in Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, Shade is a character with a great look and an even better-looking robot. It has already been established that robots are always cool, so anyone in Cyberbots (or Tech Romancer) would be a solid addition to MvC. Devilot, the maniacal princess, may actually be a more likely possibility since she has had cameos outside Cyberbots. I think Shade is cooler looking character though, and I think the Marvel vs. Capcom series could have more villains. In general, I wish more Cyberbots’ (or Tech Romance’s) characters would appear in the versus franchise. Jin in MvC 2 was very fun, and I don’t understand why Capcom hasn’t tried to replicate that kind of game style.


3. Marvel – Gladiator from the Shi’ar

The Shi’ar is an alien empire compromise of different alien species and cultures. The Shi’ar are ruled by the Imperial Guard, a team of super-powered aliens who enforce Shi’ar law and protect the Emperor or Empress. The leader of the Imperial Guard is Gladiator, who is essentially Superman. He has super strength, super durability, flight, and has an amazing Mohawk. The Imperial Guard is most famous for challenging the X-Men in a battle for the life of Jean Grey – Jean was put on trial for her actions as Dark Phoenix, and the X-Men pretty much elected to do a trial-by-combat. It was one of the most exciting moments in a very iconic story; “The Dark Phoenix Saga” is considered to be one of the pinnacles for American Superhero comics.

Shi’ar are primary X-Men supporting character, so Fox most likely has ownership for them in films. They may show up in the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie they are developing, which will hopefully raise their profile with the greater fandom. For now, I can only hope that Infinite will recognize the Shi’ar’s coolness, and put it in the most recognizable character from the Imperial Guard.


2. Capcom – Lisa Trevor from Resident Evil

I was debating if Lisa Trevor would be considered to be an obscured character, as she is a memorable part in a very popular video game. However I wanted to include a Resident Evil character that wasn’t one of the main playable characters or in the recent games, and I feel like Lisa Trevor does not get as much attention as she deserves. A very tragic character, Lisa’s father was the man that the Umbrella Corporation hired to design the mansion that would house all of Umbrella’s weird experiments. Umbrella was worried that the Trevors would expose their secrets to the world, so they captured Lisa and her mother when Lisa was just a young child. Force to indure experiments for decades; she ends up becoming a nearly invulnerable creature with a bag over her head. Lanky in appearance and having several eyes surrounding her body, she wonders the mansion that her father designed, screaming constantly throughout the building. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, protagonists of the first game of Resident Evil, will come across her multiple times in the RE remake.

Lisa Trevor is definitely one of the sadder characters in the series – her backstory makes her a very sympathetic character. You would almost feel sorry for her if wasn’t for the fact she looked like a monster and can kill you at any moment. If Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 can work in Infinite, then I can’t see why Lisa Trevor couldn’t.


2. Marvel – Vance Astro from the Guardians of the Galaxy

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy was a celebrated movie franchise, before they even had Star-Lord or Rocket Raccoon among their ranks, there were the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Made up of several spacemen in the far-flung future of 3000 AD, these original Guardians of the Galaxy were made of D-list superheroes that never truly became popular (though to be fair the latest Guardians of the Galaxy were D-listers until the movie). One of the members of the original Guardians was Vance Astro. Astro was a human on Earth who was sent into space in 1988. Periodically put into suspended animation, his destination was a planet in the Alpha Centauri. But once he finally makes it to the planet it is over a thousand years in the future, and humans have already been able to space travel to Alpha Centauri for a while.

He eventually finds his place with the Guardians. His abilities include using Captain America’s shield and having Psychokinesis. He easily one of the more interesting characters from the original Guardians of the Galaxy team, yet he was oddly absent in both Guardians of the Galaxy films. Every other member from the original team made a cameo, so it was weird that the movies left out Astro. It could be due to the fact that Wikipedia lists him as a mutant, meaning Fox may own his rights. If that’s the case, then he would be another unnecessary causality in the Fox/Marvel/Disney struggle.


1. Capcom – Bass.EXE from Megaman Battle Network

Anyone remember the Megaman Battle Network anime? I remember it being awesome as a kid, I hope it holds up. Anyway, I know the games hold up (at least most of them). Having played the first one a lot as a kid, the game (and anime) were a big part of my childhood. I do not really see the Battle Network series get as much attention as the other sub-series in the Megaman franchise, which makes me sad. The Battle Network games take place in a world where Megaman.EXE is a computer program/A.I. called a NetNavi. He and other NetNavi’s can interact with one and another within a data world. It is up to him and his Operator (essentially his owner) to stop evil NetNavis and viruses.

It’s great idea for the Megaman franchise, and I wish the series continued beyond the Gameboy Advance era. I wanted to include ProtoMan.EXE, but that version of Protoman was pretty much Zero, and Zero already exists in MvC. So instead I went with Bass.EXE. Bass.EXE is based on Bass in the main Megaman games, though I think he is cooler in Battle Networks. Wearing a dark cape and surrounded in mystery, Bass.EXE is often times a secret boss in the Battle Networks games. He was an interesting enemy to face against in the games and was a constant presence within the series since the first game. In general, I just want more Battle Network stuff in the crossover games, and I think Bass.EXE can be a good fit.


1. Marvel – Moon Knight

Marvel has had several Batman clones over the years; Moon Knight may be the most interesting. Marc Spector was a mercenary until he was gifted with powers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Wearing a costume covered in white, he fights crime under the darkness of night. He also gains fortune from his years as a mercenary, he created a new identity for himself and became a millionaire entrepreneur. His backstory isn’t essentially the most interesting one out there – what makes the character cool are his psychological issues. His years of adventuring and being superhero took their toll on poor Marc Spector. He would develop multiple identity disorder, becoming one of the few superheroes who clearly is diagnosed with a mental disorder.

He creates several identities for himself over the years, being able to switch personalities when the situation requires it. Marc also becomes more and more unhinged over the decades, often being violent to his enemies. Everyone who knows superheroes knows that Batman has some screw loose. However, Moon Knight makes the Caped Crusader seem mentally healthy in comparison. For a character that started as a Batman rip-off, Moon Knight has truly become his own awesome characters. He also ditches his tights and cape for a white suit, and he now looks swanky as heck. He is a character that needs more exposed, and I want to play a Batman-like character in Marvel vs. Capcom.