Sonic Forces is speeding towards us as more gameplay is being revealed by Nintendo Direct. During this gameplay footage, it was shown that there will be a third mystery playable character in this new game. Only a silhouette of this character is displayed in a picture, but there are many theories and speculations of who this character could be. Some of these guesses are Nack the Weasel, Blaze the Cat, or an entirely new character to the series.

One of the first theories is that this character in Sonic Fores is Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper. The evidence supporting this is the build of this character. It has a big, distinct head with large fur spikes on its face, which Nack has. It also has a very slim body compared to the head, which is also a trait of Nack’s. His return has been demanded by fans and would be shocking and unexpected, which could also be evidence supporting this.

However, Nack is usually portrayed as the villain, so him being played as an ally could be either different or unlikely. Also, the ears are a bit different to the way Nack’s ears have usually been made and there is no hat on the character’s head. However, this is a reasonable theory as to who this character could be.

Another guess is Blaze the Cat. However, this one would be a bit more unlikely. The hair on the top of her hair is not there, and the body and outfit is not really in her build. At the same time, it would make sense that she would be an ally alongside Sonic. It seems like the appearance just does not quite match her. However, the ears and face are quite similar. This is a very unlikely but possible guess.

Many guesses have been that this a fox character, because it has many similar features to Tails. This is very likely, since the appearance is strikingly similar. Perhaps this could be a relative to a fox character or even a relative of Sonic. It could be a completely new character that has never shown up in the series before. That would be even more surprising if it was not a returning character that had previously been in the series. Many fans are expected a returning character, but it would be thrilling to see a new character join Sonic Forces as well.

The final guess could be that it is a fan character. This seems very unlikely, but it could very well be a possibility. It could have even take inspiration from a fan character. This could be possible because the it looks a bit different from any established Sonic character. There is no telling until the it is finally revealed.

All of these theories have evidence to back them, but only time to tell who this mysterious character actually is. No matter who this character, it will end up being a surprise and shock to everyone. It would be very interesting if it was a return character such as Nack and a pleasant surprise for classic Sonic fans, but a new character would be exciting as well. It is certainly worth the wait and the hype to see who this new character ends up being. Let’s just hope Sonic Forces is worth the wait!