December is here! Get the decorations out and put them up then get pissed off because all the lights are tangled and there’s glitter everywhere and one of the bulbs has gone which means the lights won’t turn on and you can’t figure out which bulb it is so why not just play some video games. November gave us a plentiful blizzard of games whereas December promises a rather dreary sleet at best. There are however some gems to keep an eye out for and you’ll find them below.

Super Mario Maker 3ds
Great creation tools featuring your favourite Mario characters allow for some wonderful levels

Super Mario Maker 3DS – 3DS – 2/12/2016

The hit DIY Nintendo platformer is finally making its way to 3DS meaning you’ll finally be able to make your own Super Mario levels on the way to work or under the table at Christmas dinner. Letting you choose whatever Mario era you want you can create 8-bit levels or go all modern and let your creativity loose. A great idea for a Christmas present for people of all ages.

Steep – Windows, PS4, XONE – 2/12/2016

If, like me, you’re unlikely to see any snow this year because of where you live then Steep may just be the game for you. Letting you play a variety of extreme sports ranging from wingsuiting to snowboarding you’ll be free to explore a snow draped mountain-range and partake in skill and speed-based challenges. The recent beta proved massively popular and showed how pretty and fun the game can be. Keep an eye out for this one if you’re a thrill seeker dreaming of the slopes this December.

Dead Rising 4 – Windows, XONE – 6/12/2016

The fourth main installment in the Dead Rising sees the return of fan-favourite Frank West and is set in a Christmassy Willamette, Colorado. At this point we know more or less what to expect from a Dead Rising game so you can look forward to chainsaws tied to bikes and throwing teddy bears at hordes of zombies. Exclusive to Microsoft systems this open-world zombie romp promises great fun and customization and is worth purchasing if you like silly weapons and over-the-top chaos.

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian is looking beautiful but can it live up to the hype?

The Last Guardian – PS4 – 9/12/2016

I won’t believe this game has actually been made until I’m holding a physical copy in my hands but all the signs look promising. In the highly anticipated game you’ll take control of a young boy as you befriend a giant flying mammal called Trico and explore an ancient city. The relationship between the boy and Trico is a particularly intriguing aspect of the game and Fumito Ueda, the game’s director, said that if at the end of the game you feel like Trico is a living animal then he’s achieved what he set out to do. First announced at E3 in 2009 Ueda and his team are finally ready to release their third game following Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and whether it lives up to the hype or not you can be sure that it will be a beautiful game and have an engrossing atmosphere.

Super Mario Run – iOS, Android – 15/12/2016

Nintendo are continuing their run of bringing their biggest franchises to mobile following on from the huge success of Pokemon Go (I know, it was developed by Niantic and owned by The Pokemon Company) Nintendo are bringing arguably their best known character, Mario, to iOS and Android. The game will feature classic platforming levels and famous Mario powerups such as mushrooms and stars. With simple gameplay that involves a simple ‘tap to jump’ style and automatic running Super Mario Run will hopefully be an addictive and simple time-waster to sink your teeth into.

The walking dead a new frontier
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier introduces Javier and continues Clem’s story

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – PC, PS4, XONE, iOS, Android – 20/12/2016

This game was actually on my list for the most anticipated games of November but the release has finally been revealed as 20th December. The first season of Telltale’s the Walking Dead was one of the best written and most moving games of the last generation and helped propel the studio into the limelight. The latest season will follow Clem and introduce a new character named Javier as they continues their struggle through a post-apocalyptic world. 

Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be playing this December and what you’ve asked Santa for or let me know via Twitter @gjamesgames