Fans hoping to see Batista back inside a WWE ring may be in luck. The former WWE Champion (and current Hollywood darling) has been talking about a potential in-ring appearance – and it may be on the cards sooner than we think.

Speaking on Jim Ross’s Podcast, the Superstar declared;

“I would love to go back, but the reason I have not gone back is because I don’t want to do a one-off.”

“I want to go and I want to wrestle. I want to do some house shows (untelevised live events), I want to be a part of the program and I love it.”

“I stay in touch, man, I’ve talked to Vince [McMahon] recently and he knows what I want. I’ve made it very clear that I wanted to go back and run a program with Hunter [Triple H].”

“I’ve been very public about it and I think that’s the thing that would get me back.”

Batista also talked about the way he left WWE last time, insisting that he and Vince were happy with the way that things were left;

“I’ve never burnt that bridge because I still love wrestling and everybody in the WWE has been really good to me.”

“I didn’t walk out on them, I let my contract run out.”

“They knew I was going to be leaving. I did business the right way.”

“I’m really thankful that I did.”

One of the big surprises of the last few years has certainly been the rising star of Dave Bautista. The former WWE Champion left the company in 2011 to pursue a Hollywood career, something many Superstars have failed at achieving over the years. Despite this, The Animal managed to carve out a hugely lucrative run of movies for himself, becoming a fixture among tentpole movies.

Batista’s last WWE run came in 2013 when he managed to win the annual Royal Rumble event. His return wasn’t without controversy, as many WWE fans saw Batista’s return as an awkward attempt to shunt Daniel Bryan from the main event scene. This backlash led to WWE pushing Bryan into the Wrestlemania 30 main event – where Batista tapped out to Daniel’s “Yes Lock”.

Our Take: Batista doesn’t need WWE yet wants to return out of pride. If I were Vince or Triple H, I’d rip his hands off at the thought of this deal. Batista is a hot act in Hollywood right now – delivering a solid slate of appearances in movies like Spectre, Bladerunner 2049 and of course Guardians of the Galaxy.


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