With Marvel gearing up for its biggest year yet, it’s no wonder that audiences are super eager to hear as much as they can about the upcoming Avengers outing. The actors involved also seem to be excited, with Benedict Cumberbatch adding to the hype around the upcoming movie.

Speaking to Digital Spy, during his promotion for the actor’s upcoming drama The Child in Time, he was asked about what audiences can expect from the much-anticipated movie;

“It’s ten years coming. It’s just a huge, huge, huge amount of work, huge amount of storylines and it’s all sort of pointing to this confrontation….It’s amazing to part of it even though I’m late to the party, it’s very cool one to be part of it.”

It’s interesting to see an actor of Cumberbatch’s caliber talk about being a superhero movie. There was a time when such ventures were seen as beneath higher tier actors. Thanks to the huge amount of interest – it seems that stigma has passed.

The British actor will also be making an appearance in November’s Thor: Ragnarok – as seen already in the post-credits scene for Dr. Strange.

There’s no doubt that Avengers: Infinity War is among the most anticipated movies in Hollywood right now. Audiences have had 10 years of build from the Marvel movies – and there’s a huge sense of expectation. This movie will mark the first time that Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared in an Avengers outing.


We recently learned that there may be a time-traveling sequence in the movie, as a casting call from Marvel was seeking actors to play roles in a 1960’s flashback sequence. With Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in possession of the Time Infinity Stone, there’s every chance that a quick trip into the past is on the cards.

There are also rumors that the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer could land during the airing of Inhumans on ABC. This is currently penciled in for September 29th – with Marvel dropping heavy hints yesterday that audiences should be looking to get their first official glimpse of the movie there.



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