If nothing else, WWE’s Bray Wyatt deserves praise for the level of commitment to his gimmick. In an age where Kayfabe is shattered on a weekly basis, he remains one of the few Superstars to really make you believe he’s that hobo spiritual guy. So it’s no real surprise that back when he was in NXT – the former WWE Champion turned up for jury duty.

At least that’s the story to emerge from the new NXT coffee table book – which has been transcribed by Redditers. According to the extract, Wyatt was convinced by the late Dusty Rhodes to show up in full gimmick;

“Bray began with my real-life lunacy,” says Wyatt. “I’ve always been an against-all-authority kind of child. I was a big fan of Rage Against the Machine, they were a big influence on my life as a child, so when I started working with Dusty Rhodes, I began losing my mind on a very real level. I became obsessed with this character.”

When Husky Harris failed on the main roster, he went all in with the Wyatt persona. “I was going to jury duty in my hometown, and Dusty made me go to jury duty as Bray,” Wyatt says. “Dusty told me, ‘This is the perfect exercise. Become Bray.’ I literally went to jury duty as Bray Wyatt. I was so immersed in the character that I didn’t break once. Obviously, I didn’t get picked for jury duty, but I had the white pants, Hawaiian shirt, the whole nine yards. There were no fragments of Husky Harris. Husky Harris was dead, and he was to stay dead. I was Bray Wyatt. We were one.”


It’s not clear if Wyatt actually made it through to the actual court part (I’d imagine not) but it’s hilarious to think of him attending court in full on gimmick. Given how much he struggled to stand out as Husky Harris – the change to Bray Wyatt was the spark of momentum his career needed.

It shows that NXT under Dusty Rhodes was an interesting place – and it’s easy to see why there’s such a strong bond between all the Superstars who made the climb to the main roster.

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