The original Deadpool worked so well because it removed itself from the wider mess of the X-Men continuity, a point that was even played with briefly in the movie. It also worked because it allowed a relatively small cast to grow in the audiences eyes and make an impact. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the emergence of the lesser-known Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Now the actress who portrayed, Brianna Hildebrand, has begun teasing her return in the second outing.

Talking with Screen Rant – Brianna Hildebrand said;

“I’ve not yet actually read the script…. But I do think she will be a lot cooler, based on the wardrobe ideas and stuff. I’m very excited.”


She went on to explain that she has seen some concept art though, and is very excited by what she’s seen;

“Just some ideas, nothing that’s concrete or anything. But I think it’s cool that she’s grown and matured and she still has so much of this essence of a punk kid.”


They then went on and asked her how she’s taken to the characters popularity since the original Deadpool hit cinemas;

“That was exciting, just because I felt so close to Negasonic in that she reminded me so much of myself. Like young, teenage/tweenage, angsty like pissed off Brianna is who she reminded me of. It was just like, ‘Oh! She’s so cute. I get her, you know?’ So yeah. That was super exciting to see that people liked her too because it felt like people liked me, or the part of me in there somewhere.”


Deadpool 2 won’t be hitting cinemas until March 2nd 2018 – so it will be a while yet before we’re able to see her in action. We’re hugely excited to see what happens next.

Which other X-Men characters would you want to see in the Deadpool sequel?


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