Daredevil is, without doubt, one of Marvel’s biggest assets. Despite not getting a movie, the character is hugely popular among fans and has helped to establish Netflix’s Hells Kitchen television universe. Now the star of that show, Charlie Cox, has revealed that he’d love to get Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow on his Netflix show at some stage.

The star of Netflix’s Daredevil made the revelation during an interview with Sensacine on Instagram. When asked about characters he’d like to see incorporated into Daredevil, he made it very clear that he’d love to see Scarlett Johansson roll up as Black Widow.

To be fair, Daredevil and Black Widow have a fair amount of history in Marvel’s comics. The pair have had on/off relationships for a good number of years – making such a crossover feasible from that point of view.

Sadly for fans of Marvel – the dream crossover will likely never happen. Because of the frosty relationship between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television, it’s unlikely that audiences will ever get to see the A-List Avenger roll up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen.

This frosty relationship has proven to be one of the bigger thorns in the MCU’s side. Originally, all of the movies and television shows existed within the same continuity. As the relationship between the television division and movie side broke down a few years back, both sides seemingly stopped sharing toys. It led to ABC’s Agents of Shield moving further and further away from the MCU movies, despite being tied to them originally. It also means that the Inhuman’s project (originally conceived as a movie) ended up in its own television series.

It’s a real shame as this whole issue has stopped audiences from seeing plenty of comic book relationships make their way to the big screen. it also leaves lingering questions over just how attached the two entities really are.

Still, we can dream about the potential for a crossover, for sure. It would be amazing to see that play out on Netflix, even if just for a moment.

Would you want to see more crossovers between the televisionĀ and movies, within the MCU?


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