Longtime fans of Civilization will no doubt be delighted to hear that the popular Korea civ will be making its debut in Civ 6 when the next expansion touches down in 2018.

The classic civilization will be arriving in the recently announced Rise & Fall expansion pack when it touches down, making good use of the features from the expansion pack.

Korea’s unique district will be the Seowon – an upgrade the basic Campus. This will provide gamers with a fixed science boost per turn. Korea will also gain a big science boost from the construction of mines – as well as bonus yield from farms.

The unique unit of the kingdom will be the Hwacha unit, a mobile ballista mounted on a two-wheeled cart. The vehicle will make its appearance during the Renaissance era, putting it firmly ahead of the base units provided in that age.

The new empire will be led by Queen Seondeok the first Queen of Sillia who, along with Baekje and Goguryeo, make up the three Kingdoms of Korea. Seondeok is most notable for causing a cultural renaissance throughout the Korean kingdom, paving the way for the rise of knowledge and literature within the country.

Korea is the first civ to be officially announced by the Civ 6 dev team, with plenty more set to arrive in the coming weeks and months.

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is currently scheduled for a February 8th, 2018 release. Will you be trying out the new Korean civ?

Our Take: Korea has always been an interesting civ to play as in previous games. I found them particularly useful in Civ 5 – where their more balanced approach made them less weak than Babylon during online games. We’ll have to see if the game manages to make them equally as fun to use when the Rise and Fall expansion touches down.


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