With Star Wars fans set to get the latest episodic outing at the end of 2017, it’s easy to see why fans are getting hyped. With so many twists and turns expected, audiences will be in for a real shock ride. For one person though, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will mark the first time that they see a new Star Wars movie with full knowledge of spoilers. That man is Colin Trevorrow – director of Star Wars Episode 9.

As he told Empire during an interview;

“Unfortunately, [The Last Jedi director] Rian’s [Johnson] film is the first one I won’t be able to watch as an audience member. I got that privilege with The Force Awakens. I just got to go see it with a Star Wars fan. I got to sit next to my kid and just giggle as we read the crawl because we were so excited. Rogue One was the same way. I didn’t see it in advance. That time is over now. Star Wars is no longer that experience for me. If there’s anything kind of sad about it, it’s that I don’t get to have that.”

It’s easy to understand this. Episode 9 isn’t in production yet, but the director must know what’s happening in the film prior. It means that when Trevorrow steps into cinemas and watches Star Wars: The Last Jedi – he’ll already know the movies biggest plot points.

The other side of this is that he gets a hand in creating the experience for a whole generation of fans. Trevorrow’s movie will arguably be the most important of all the trilogy – with it serving as the finale to the central storyline of Star Wars. We just hope that he can turn that passion into something memorable.

Do you care about movie spoilers? Are you excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?


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