Some various popular gaming series, such as SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Nintendo’s Mario, will attempt to make mobile apps for fans to enjoy. Sometimes they are very well made and exciting, while others fall flat. Super Mario Run is an example of a mobile game from an already popular series done right. Sonic the Hedgehog has attempted to the same thing. So how does Sonic Dash 2 compare to its original?

Sonic Dash is a free mobile game on the app store that is based on the popular series Sonic the Hedgehog. It also has a sequel, Sonic Dash 2. They are both fairly new, and have essentially the same basic controls and mechanisms. However, I wanted to try them both out for myself and put the two head to head to see which one is the best.

I started out with the original Sonic Dash. The sound effects, appearance of the stage, and the music all reminded me of Sonic Heroes. It is obvious that some elements from this previous game were borrowed for Sonic Dash. When it came down to it, this game is basically a Sonic version of Temple Run. I did not find the concept original, but it still kept me for entertained for a bit nonetheless.

The graphics and sounds were very nostalgic for me, as I am a long-time Sonic fan. I appreciate that Sonic Dash stuck to its roots and created something that many Sonic fans can relate to. The Eggman boss battle at the end was only appropriate, and was very thrilling to play. I enjoyed the music as it brought back so many memories for me. It is overall a gorgeous game with memorable sounds.

My issue with the game was the controls and concept. I was hoping that this particular part of the game would stay a little more true to the Sonic style, instead of being a clone to a game such as Temple Run. That did not make it unenjoyable; however, it would have been nice to see it branch out and try something new compared to the other mobile games on the market. I would say as a whole, it is a game worth the download.

After finishing up this game, I moved on to Sonic Dash 2. This game is based on of the new series, Sonic Boom. I felt little to no connection to this game. Besides the similar characters and attacks, there was nothing that brought me memories as a Sonic fan. The running animation for Sonic was awkward, along with the music and scenery. None of it truly gave me a Sonic vibe. It had the same controls and mechanisms and the first Sonic Dash, which I have already covered.

I felt it would have been neater to make a classic Sonic version of Sonic Dash instead of Sonic Boom. It would have been much more relatable. I felt myself becoming lost when it came to the Sonic Boom version of Sonic Dash. The game felt a bit more awkward as a whole. I would recommend sticking to the first Sonic Dash game.

After comparing the two, I would say the original Sonic Dash is more worthwhile. It had much more a connection with the player compared to Sonic Dash 2. If the controls could be a bit more unique for these two games, then it could really be a stand-out game for me. However, they are still fun to keep the player entertained for a bit. Considering they are free and easy to download, I would say the first one is worth a shot. Unless you are a big fan of Sonic Boom already, you may not feel as close of a connection to the second Sonic Dash as you would the first one.