Destiny 2: Why I Am Very Concerned

In just over a month, the sequel to popular hit Destiny will be released and guardians will take up their arms once more to serve and protect their beloved Traveller once again. Except playing through the BETA and watching over the subsequent footage, it’s hard to escape the feeling of imminent disappointment when it comes to Destiny 2.

I suspect many reading this will have also poured many hours into the original Destiny. After all, Bungie’s franchise arrived with huge hype and pomp back in 2014. The game had some brilliant ideas, sadly lost under somewhat underwhelming execution. Two expansions later and Destiny 2 has a lot of work to do in recapturing that initial sense of excitement surrounding the series. But after pouring over the BETA, and watching countless hours of footage, I’m beginning to get a sense of deja vu. The feeling that Bungie’s upcoming title may struggle to achieve the high expectations placed on it – and that has me worried.

Moreover, these are the points that really have me concerned thus far about Destiny 2.


The Malicious World Of Microtransactions

This right here is everything I am worried about, so many triple-A games these days have started to reap the rewards of micro transactions and it does not please me in the slightest, don’t get me wrong, I am generally ok with micro transactions but only when I feel that they are merited. The whole point of microtransactions is a way for video game developers to make some money, but not just any developers, oh no, the ones that make their game free-to-play, they have made a game for everyone to play and they have made it free, they add microtransactions as a way for the player to progress quicker and so they can actually make some money, fair enough, so why are these high budget video game developer adding them to triple-A games?

As of now, if you are still playing Destiny that is, Bungie has the option for one microtransaction, Silver. Silver is used for buying things like emotes and sparrows, things that you would have been able to unlock through in-game challenges in a world not too long ago, but instead, Bungie decided to cash-in on the microtransaction bandwagon like everyone else. There is no doubt that Bungie has made more than enough money off Silver alone, this brings me to what I am deathly worried about, Exotics.


The Life Exotic

It is no secret that Exotics are the dream when playing Destiny, we grind for hours on end in the hope that we see that warm, inviting shimmer of yellow to descend to the ground from the corpse of our foolish enemies, we battled against RNG every game and we would not stop until we were rewarded with that elegant engram, when we finally prevailed, the sense of accomplishment was so satisfying, there are few achievements that replicate how it feels, it is what grind is all about, now on to the worrying part.

Imagine Bungie add Exotic engrams to their list of microtransactions, how disappointing would that be? it would completely defeat the point of grind, why would anyone devote the countless hours of their life, getting green engram after green engram when they could just fast track everything and just buy them? Not only that but when you play PvP you won’t know for certain if the player that just killed you earned their Exotic or if they took the cowards way out and paid for it.

What would make this even worse would be if Bungie allowed multiple Exotics to be equipped at once, a feature that frequently annoyed Destiny players in the past. I can easily see Bungie allowing this as they have already touched upon this before with their latest and last expansion: Rise of Iron. Through completing the Dead Orbit quest, the player received an item which allowed for the second piece of Exotic gear to be equipped. This opens the way for multiple Exotics at once in Destiny 2 and if people are allowed to buy Exotics then this would be a deal breaker for me, even if they only allowed one Exotic item when playing PvP it would make no difference to me, I could not play whilst not knowing if my opponent has paid for an advantage over me, it’s a shame, I really liked the Crucible.


Coins For Coins

Let’s say that Bungie decides not to sell Exotics, it won’t be much different, all they will do is practically the same thing they are already doing for Silver, they will sell Xur’s currency, Strange coins. This is probably more plausible than selling Exotics, instead of having to list each Exotic, all they have to do is sell Strange Coins and let people buy what ever they want.

Everyone knows that if you want the good stuff, you go to Xur, you spend all week waiting for him to reappear, hoping that he is carrying something that fits your wants and needs, if he wasn’t then all you did was exchange all of your Strange Coins for Three of Coins and pray to the RNG gods as you stepped once more into the crucible with your, newly acquired, increased drop rate and started grinding once again.


Conclusion: Hoping For The Best with Destiny 2

The way Destiny plays right now needs little to no alteration in my opinion, I enjoy it the way it is and if any of the aforementioned changes are put into place then I will most likely avoid the game altogether, as much as it would sadden me, I refuse to play a game where you can pay to win. I do not want another Battlefront experience, where every other death came from the hands of a player toting one of the ultra powerful DLC weapons, the kind that would just wipe you out in a single shot, regardless of your skill or your arsenal, DLC just negated all of that and gave the advantage to the paying player.

In my opinion, I prefer the older gameplay, where you had no other choice but to work hard for what you wanted, there were no fast tracks or workarounds back then and you felt more accomplished whenever you overcome the obstacles that game threw at you, I wish we could go back then, games were better back then.

I’m still incredibly hyped for Destiny 2 – but there are lingering concerns that only make the prospect of diving in head first seem almost impossible right now. Let’s hope Bungie can answer these concerns, I really want to love Destiny 2.



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