Update: Since writing this story – Drew Galloway has confirmed that he has signed with NXT and will be joining the NXT brand. He told ESPN:

“Well the answer’s pretty simple… I’ve won championships all across the world, I’ve helped build brands. So what’s the next logical thing for me to do? It’s to come here and win the NXT title.”

“”If that’s not clear enough for everybody, Drew McIntyre has signed with NXT,”


What this means for his WCPW title (Which he currently holds) is anybody’s guess.

Wrestlemania weekend is stuffed full of surprises – and it seems this year isn’t any different. During this evenings broadcast of NXT Takeover Orlando, former WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre (Known on the indies as Drew Galloway) was shown on camera and named – hinting hugely at a potential return to WWE in the process.

The tease was brief, but NXT has a history of bringing in some of its biggest names through this means. They certainly wouldn’t roll out the red carpet if he wasn’t going to make his presence felt.

If you’re a longtime fan of WWE, you’ll remember a certain Drew Mcintyre. Once hailed as the “Chosen One” by Vince McMahon, Drew was given a huge push early in his WWE career. This resulted in him capturing the WWE Intercontinental Championship quickly, and becoming a prominent member of the Smackdown roster. Alas, this push died and so too did Drew’s WWE career.

In his later years, he became a member of Heath Slater’s 3-Man-Band stable – but eventually was released by the company. From here he found prominence on the indie scenes, appearing in numerous promotions and capturing various Championships. He very recently finished up a run in TNA – which ended somewhat sour alongside the Hardy Boys release.

There’s been little talk of him returning to WWE, in particular given how little they seemed to value him after the last time. It would be a hugely interesting move if Galloway made the jump to NXT or WWE.

We’ll be sure to keep tabs on this situation as it develops.

Would you want to see Drew Galloway back in WWE?


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