It’s clear from the success of Fast & Furious 8 that the franchise still has a lot of gas left in the tank. So it’s no wonder that Universal is exploring every possible direction for the franchises future prospects. With the announced (but awkwardly not showcased) spinoff between Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in the works – the pair are talking openly about the prospect.

Sitting down with Fandango, Dwayne Johnson was playing coy when talking about the announced spin-off, refusing

“It’s an exciting time for us over there with the Fast and Furious movies because the goal over there, speaking as a producer, is to build out the universe and really give something back to the fans that they like. I will say this – we never anticipated the chemistry that Jason [Statham] and I would have. Now Jason and I love each other – we’re really good buddies. But putting us in those scenarios where we were feeding off each other’s jokes was just amazing. That chemistry really blossomed on-screen, and it informed us as to where we will go next.”


Universal announced they were working on a new spin-off to the Fast & Furious franchise that would focus on Dwayne’s Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. The project reportedly came into existence when producers noticed that the pair had some incredible on-screen chemistry.

Fast 8 landed in cinemas earlier this year to luke-warm reception. Many critics felt the movie was overblown and relied way to heavily on action set-pieces. This hasn’t really harmed the box office performance of the movie though – which sailed past the $1 billion mark with relative ease. The film’s success showcases that it still has many fans – giving spinoff ideas a built-in audience.

Are you excited for the prospect of more Furious action? Would you check them out if they ever get made?