Ways in which you can differentiate between a fake and a genuine betting site

Where the internet has brought us closer and made our activities much easier, it has also opened us to the murky world of fraudsters. Though they are less in number one is vulnerable to their attacks. Over the year’s law enforcement agencies and genuine businesses have constructed measures to curb the fraud by making their institutions more recognizable and adopting various security measures. Though the steps are being taken, users are also advised to be vigilant lest they might fall prey to the scams.


If a sportsbook has to operate, they need permission from the authorities to conduct their business. The Licenses are showcased on their websites and within few seconds you may be able to find it. Though few may keep the License numbers in the second pages of the website, you need to look carefully to verify the details. The License numbers are usually displayed on the front pages of the betting sites and you will find it almost on every site.

Online sites

Delayed Pay-outs:
The technological advancements have reached a summit. What took days in the past days is a matter of minutes now. Pay-outs may take little time on a genuine betting site but if it promises more than that, chances are that it’s fake. The money is usually transferred within 2-3 business days and should not take a lot of time.


Genuine betting sites do offer bonuses and promotions to its bettors but if you spot a line that’s too good to be true, it’s a fake one. If the betting site spots you an underdog, it might be a fake one. Sign-up bonuses are other signs. Legit betting sites offer sign-up bonuses to some extent but fake sites take it a step farther. For example, if you spot a bonus of 500%, don’t get tempted and restrain from any activity, the notification might prompt you to do. That surely is fake.

Live Betting

Customer service:

Legitimate betting sites pride themselves on their customer service and offer uninterrupted help through their chat, email or phone line. Spoof betting sites will have no such features. You may find a phone number but none will pick it up or there is no chat facility. It’s better to browse to a safer one.

Website design:

The website design is very important. Most of the fake betting sites are made in a hurry and you can identify various mistakes in it. The unmatching graphics and slow loading can be a few things. The legit sites are much faster and professional in processing.

Rules and regulations:

From typing errors to the disappearance of whole lines, edit or informing that the rules are changed regarding bonuses, are signs of a fraudulent site. A genuine site will live up to its name.

Age & security:

Most of the fake sites don’t make it in the long run. They are either reported or they disappear whereas legal bookmarkers are there to stay. Research a little about the website, search the name on the WHOIS database to know the age of the site. See if the site uses an SSL certificate or not. Every betting site will have an SSL certificate and connection will be secured.


Equipped with a little knowledge and common sense, it’s easy to spot fake betting websites. There is a red alert on every one of these fake websites. From the bonuses they offer to the haphazard website design, you can identify the sites within the blink of your eye. There are rare cases of online fraud in the market of sports betting due to the online vigilance of law enforcement agencies and legal houses who take appropriate action against such sites with nefarious designs.

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