Final Fantasy XV is a big game – seriously big if you’re planning on buying it on PC (Where the game will weigh in at 170GB). Seems Square-Enix has you covered, announcing an edition of the game that not only squeezes the core gameplay into a more size-friendly package but will be landing on mobile devices later this year. Say hello to Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

The new Final Fantasy XV spin-off was announced during the Square Enix Gamescom presentation. The company is promising the same core experience found in the full-fat edition of the game, just with a few tweaks here and there. It’s a clever way around the size of Final Fantasy XV, giving gamers a chance to experience the excellent RPG in a fun new package.

I’m fine with this completely. FInal Fantasy XV is a beautiful game, but its sheer size is an obstacle for some people This is a nice halfway house that marries together the core game experience while making the game more accessible¬†for those who don’t own the latest console. Plus it’s a chance for gamers to jump back into the game if they’ve already played it.

Reports also suggest that this edition of the game will be touching down on Nintendo Switch at some stage. While we can’t confirm that, Square Enix did playfully tease that a Switch version for the game is in the works.

With Square Enix working on a Final Fantasy VII remake, it indicates the direction that the company is taking when it comes to releasing their big Final Fantasy editions. Anything that saves space on mobile phones is a good thing in my opinion.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will be landing on iOS, Android and Windows 10 later this year.

Will you be checking out the cute adventure?

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