Finding out who is producing and directed a movie is always exciting, especially when hints and news about the movie is few and far between. Five Nights at Freddy’s is an upcoming movie based off of the popular video game with only a few hints dropped about it and lots of room to guess and make theories towards what the movie will be like.

A few days ago, Scott Cawthon sent out his first tweet, revealing that Blumhouse will be producing and directing the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. It is exciting news to see that the movie is in full swing and progressing. For Scott Cawthon’s first tweet, this sure was an interesting one.

Blumhouse has produced many horror films, such as Insidious, Sinister, and The Purge: Anarchy. They are mostly known for producing horror movies, so this is exciting news for any Five Nights at Freddy’s fan. One of the concerns among fans was is the movie was going to too kid-friendly, but now seeing who is producing the movie, hopefully we can confirm that this won’t be the case.

Based off of the previous pictures that had been tweeted out a while back of the animatronics in progress, it seemed that the movie would be taking more of a menacing, realistic approach rather than a family-friendly approach. That was a first hint to what the movie was going to be like. Now that we can see who is producing the movie, this is a second affirmation that proves this movie will be taking a true horror approach.

The only true hints we have received when it comes to this movie are the teaser pictures that were tweeted out, Scott’s devlog on Steam discussing the movie and how it is starting from square one, and now a picture showing us who is producing the movie. Surely as time goes on, more about the movie will be revealed. At least now we have a pretty good guess of what direction the movie will be taking after this news.

Perhaps Scott Cawthon stating the movie was starting from square one meant the approach it was going to take. He said that he wanted to be more involved in the movie from day one, so this could be the reason why. It is only a guess, but that very well could be it.

Either way, the FNAF movie is looking up more and more as new hints are being dropped.
With two new books for the franchise are being released as well, The Twisted Ones and The Freddy Files, hopefully the movie will better explain the storyline of the series as well and answer more questions to the complex plot. All of the new releases for the franchise are something to look forward to, and surely they will all help fill out some parts of the FNAF plot that fans are dying to know. The FNAF movie seems to be making progress quickly, so it will be thrilling to see where it ends up taking us in the finished product.