The Game Awards took place last night, giving us a chance to take a peek at a number of exciting upcoming games. With so much new content to wade through, we decided to boil down the highlights, giving you an easy to see list of the major announcements from the show itself.

What got you hyped most of all?


The first announcement was for a World War Z game. The zombie horde title looks to be taking inspiration from the movie a few years back, which may or may not hurt your enthusiasm. Not the biggest announcement for sure, but one that may have delighted some viewers of The Game Awards.

ETA: “Coming Soon”


Vacation Simulator looks set to follow in the footsteps of pretty much every other VR game, offering up a helping of minigames designed to make the best use of the tech. For sure, one only VR enthusiasts are probably falling over.

ETA: 2018


From Software teased their newest project, arguably one of the bigger The Game Award announcements. “Shadows die Twice” would imply a sequel of some kind – although the steampunk aesthetic doesn’t quite fit in with Bloodborne. We’ll have to wait and see what they’ve got in store:

ETA: Not Given


From the makers of Firewatch comes In the Valley of Gods. It looks fairly interesting (if you’re into that kind of game) although it remains to be seen if the game has the potential to breakout like Firewatch did.

ETA: 2019


Nintendo released a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Champions Ballad. Better news for Nintendo Switch owners is that the expansion was put up for release right as this trailer released. That’s service for you!

ETA: Now!


As we wrote earlier, Soul Calibur 6 made its debut at The Game Awards. The latest game will be making an appearance on Steam too, finally granting PC users the chance to jump into the long-running series.

ETA: 2018


As we reported earlier, there was a double-whammy of news for Bayonetta fans. The big news is that a third offering is very much in the works – although the release date wasn’t offered up. We also learned that Bayonetta 1 and 2 would be getting re-releases on Nintendo Switch.

ETA: Not Given (Bayonetta 3) February 2018 (Bayonetta 1/2)


Hideo Kojima showed off a lot of his upcoming Death Stranding game – which looks every inch a Kojima production. I have no idea what any of this means – so I’d recommend watching the trailer and nodding along politely

ETA: Not given


Witchfire is the next game from the team behind Bulletstorm. Given the trailer has a few giggles in it, we can assume that it will follow a similar style of humor to that game.

ETA: 2018


EA showed off more of their upcoming co-op adventure A Way Out. The game turned heads back at E3 for its interesting concept. We’ll need to wait and see if the game can match the hype. The Game Awards trailer gives us a good look at the characters we’ll be playing at.


As hyped prior to the show, we got our first proper look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds newest desert map. It was announced that the map will be entering circulation in early 2018, while the much-hyped 1.0 release candidate will touch down on December 20th.