Last nights Game of Thrones episode, titled The Spoils of War, was everything fans have been waiting for. After six and a half long years – audiences got the show that’s been teased endlessly since the beginning. There’s no doubt that Daenerys is an interesting character – but the way she’s been written and handled over the last six years has left audiences fatigued at her antics. It seems after last nights breathtaking showcase of strength, Daenerys might finally be the characters we’ve all been willing her to become.

All it took was one scene. One great scene that had characters we knew and were invested in on both sides. Jaimie Lannister’s army against Daenerys horde of Dothraki. It was the first time I can recall in the show where I’ve genuinely been invested in anything Daenerys has done – because there was a sense anything could happen. Obviously, they didn’t kill off Jaimie or Daeneyres, but they certainly put it on the table for audiences to mull over.

Part of the problem with Daenerys story is that she’s been fighting off against people the audience just don’t care about. The faceless horde of the Dothraki, the masters of slaves and all of those characters just didn’t make for interesting adversaries. Watching one of them die was akin to watching extras be burned alive. Sure it was gruesome, but why should audiences care?  That’s why her story has been such a frustrating drag. As she sat on the throne over in the East – she did nothing of value. The writers had to contrive plots to get her doing things – and that shouldn’t have been the way.

It was made even worse when Tyrion arrived on the scene, telling her to reign in her crazy antics and instead focus on being the “noble” queen. That’s fine for audiences that want that, but it doesn’t make for exhilarating TV. Daenerys as a character is at her best when she’s riding her dragons and going all out. She’s at her worst when she’s sat around trying to be queenly. The show has spent so long holding back on her abilities, sometimes it’s easy to forget that she can be an awesome character.

It’s also hard to support a character when you find them so dull. Compared to Cersai, Daneryes is hugely dull. While her intentions may be admirable and her character direction strong, it doesn’t compel me to like her anymore when she’s dull TV. At least Cersei has spent the last few seasons entertaining. She hasn’t been handed moments of grandeur on a silver platter (Something Daneryes has been given plenty of), she’s just been entertaining.

This sense of entitlement from the writers has really bugged me about her character for the longest time. She has some of the shows best characters around her, yet the show has consistently made her feel untouchable. From surviving burning buildings, to always having a way out of problems that her characters finds herself in, she’s proven to be uninteresting for the most part. It’s not interesting if a character has so much plot armor around them, that they become walking plot devices.

Hopefully, now that Season 7 is in full flow, the writers can let her character be the badass we know she can be. Luckily the show isn’t wasting time in stacking the opponents for her. Cersei is at her best right now, a queen who isn’t afraid to do what it takes to keep herself on the throne. The threat of the White Walkers also looms over the entire show – something the show is slowly building towards.

Last night I was just thrilled that finally, after so long of looking for ways to depower her, the show finally went all out in reminding audiences just how impressive her abilities are. She’s arguably the most interesting character on the show – so use her that way. Moving forward, I hope that the show continues to push this more ruthless streak within her – making her the compelling character audiences want. There’s a reason so many fans don’t like Dany as character – last nights episode went a long way in addressing those issues.

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