Say what you want about HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7, there’s no doubt that the season was a monumental success for all involved. Breaking records all over the show, the popular television show cemented its place at the helm of television’s popularity. So it’s no surprise to hear that online pirates reportedly helped themselves to the much-loved show – having reportedly pirated the much-loved show over a billion times and shattering all kinds of records in the process.

That’s according to TorrentFreak at least, who says that data piracy firm MUSO estimated that each of the seasons seven episodes were watched online around 140 million times each. Perhaps most interestingly, a large percentage of these came from streaming services and private torrents – not direct downloads or anything in the public domain. To be fair, HBO handed two of the episodes to pirates wholesale, after they accidentally leaked The Spoils of War and Beyond The Wall days before their intended broadcast date.

Despite this (and those pesky HBO hackers threatening to dump all the episodes) Game of Thrones enjoyed its biggest season ever – shattering HBO and the series own personal records in the process.

More than likely, it goes to show just how insanely hot Game of Thrones is as a television show right now. HBO might be annoyed, or they could be quietly pleased that their mega hit is such a draw.

Sadly those billions of views won’t make Season 8 arrive any quicker – as that season will not likely land until 2019. The one upside to this – every episode within that season will reportedly be longer than standard – giving audiences plenty more Game of Thrones for their buck.

Whether they pirated it or whether watched it through legitimate means, it’s clear that Game of Thrones is a mega draw with audiences.

What did you think of Season 7? What do you expect from the final season?

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