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As one of the biggest video game websites, IGN provides a huge amount of coverage relating to the industry. Yet it seems recent accusations regarding the organization and its workplace have caused a number of issues within its workforce – as a number of employees have stated that they are effectively on strike over the ongoing situation.

News of the situation emerged via Alanah Pearce’s Twitter account – where the Daily Fix presenter revealed the mass walkout;

Looking on the website today, it’s clear that the articles going up are from hired freelancers and not the usual website writers. It’s not clear how long the situation will continue – although reports are suggesting that no one will lose their position over the walk out.

The situation stems from recent sexual harassment allegations that emerged over the weekend. Former IGN employee Kallie Plagge tweeted out multiple images, showcasing alleged sexual harassment she encountered while working with IGN. The allegations center around another former IGN employee, Vince Ingenito.

Her account states that herself and another female employee were the focus of the harassment, with IGN’s HR department brushing off the claims – going as far as to tell the women not to be so “uptight”.

Ingentio tweeted his own view on the situation;

IGN is one of the biggest video game websites – covering a large amount of media in the process. The fact that this is happening there could prove hugely damaging in the long-term, as larger gaming organizations look to avoid being dragged into the situation.

We’ll be sure to report if the situation changes

Our Take: We strongly support IGN and their staff in the ongoing situation. Given the recent emergence of this topic in the wider space, we’re surprised that the website’s management are being so slow to combat it.

The situation must be addressed.

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