On Wednesday afternoon, NetherRealm Studios release another Injustice 2 trailer, this time primarily showcasing Captain Cold. While Cold was already revealed in “It’s Good to be Bad” trailer that was shown last week, the latest footage gives a deeper look into Captain Cold’s play style.

First appearing in Showcase #8 in 1957, Captain Cold has always been a major Flash villain. The character has reached a new found popularity with mainstream audiences, due to his appearances in The Flash TV show and Legends of Tomorrow. His gameplay shown in the trailer makes him seem very slow, with his normal attacks having little reach. Yet his special moves have a much larger grasp on his enemies; he is able to freeze opponents from a great distance and even able to drop giant ice blocks from far away.

His specials are truly imaginative, with NetherRealm giving him unique ways to use his infamous ice gun. He doesn’t appear to be as agile as Killer Frost in the previous game, though his moves seem more brutal than her moves were. Overall, he looks like a very fun player to use, even if he does look quite slow.

Earlier this week, Catwoman was also given a solo trailer despite also being revealed in earlier footage as well in Injustice 2. First appearing in Batman #1, Catwoman has always been a popular enemy, and lover, of Batman. Appearing in two movies, she additionally has been a major character in the Arkham games and almost all major TV adaptations of Batman. Her gameplay shows her being a very fast and a very agile character. The assumption is that she will also be fairly week, as she was in past games, to make her more balance. The most impressive thing about her in the trailer is her new super move; she runs over her opponent with a motorcycle, and then drops the motorcycle on them, causing it to explode on them.

The trailers also display several stages and other characters. Green Arrow and Bane are given more gameplay footage, while stages like the Batcave, Kahndaq, and the Watchtower are shown in greater detail. With fewer characters left to be revealed, is there still any characters that you look forward to be reveal? Has NetherRealm been drawing enough hype yet for this game, or can they still go further?


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