Video game movies are almost always a bad idea. There’s very few examples which made everyone happy. Either the fans of the franchise reject it outright (See Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia) or the studios fail to make bank and the potential disappears into a black hole (See Ratchet & Clank). So it’s with a groan and a somewhat sad acceptance that news of Just Cause casting Jason Momoa in the film’s title role have reached us.

According to Deadline, Momoa will jump into the role of Rico Rodriguez, the main character of the entire thing. Momoa is a rising star in Hollywood, with a huge role in the upcoming slate of DCEU movies as Aquaman. One can assume that this role has been taken to help solidify himself as a go-to Hollywood action star.

The film is being helmed by Brad Peyton, most famous for San Andreas (Starring Dwayne Johnson) and written by John Collee, who penned The Legend of Tarzan and Tanna.

If Just Cause is to do well (and I don’t think it will) then Peyton and Collee need to translate the insanity of the games onto the screen. The only reason people enjoy Just Cause is for the over the top action. Almost no one gives two hoots about the storyline of the series, which is largely background noise to said action. No one wants to see a Just Cause movie that’s two hours of drawn of awkwardness.

With Tomb Raider seemingly making the right noises and Sleeping Dogs on the horizon – there’s hope yet that one day we’ll get the kind of video game movie that fans want. Or not, but it has to be better than DOOM, right?


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