Being part of a cinematic universe can be both a blessing and curse for actors. On the one hand, it’s a guaranteed role with the option of more to come if a character survives. On the other hand, it can hold actors back from taking roles they might otherwise be interested in exploring (See Chris Evans and the endless rumors about him looking to exit his Captain America stint). Certainly though for the likes of Jeremy Renner, it’s been a career defining decision – one that he seems to be embracing fully.

Showbiz411 are reporting Renner passed over a proposed role in Mission Impossible: 6 to reprise his Marvel Cinematic Universe role as Hawkeye. The rumor fits in with suggestions that Hawkeye is set for an expanded role in upcoming movies – with reported appearances in Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and The Wasp taking up his time.

Certainly if Renner is set for bigger roles in these movies then the decision to pass over Mission Impossible: 6 makes sense. While that movie could help him to break out away from Marvel’s machine – there’s probably more money and security in staying close to his roots.

Mission Impossible: 6 has had a troubled existence thus far. With reported creative issues and payment squabbles holding back production, we’re sure the last thing they want to be doing is spinning their wheels in the casting department. As it stands, there’s no news over what role Renner was being offered in the action flick.

Marvel is set to push Ant-Man and the Wasp into production this Summer – with a 2019 release date pencilled in. Marvel is presently hard at work filming its next two Avengers flicks back-to-back, something that requires the top-tier actors to be available for large amounts of this year.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed if we hear anything about Renner’s involvement in any upcoming projects.


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