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It seems like everyday a new game gets announced for the Nintendo Switch. The Year 1 lineup appears significantly stronger now than it did during the official unveiling just a few months ago. Despite getting mildly stronger over time – it seems the launch lineup still lacks variety. Thankfully Nintendo appears to have anticipated this and has been gearing up to rectify that situation quickly. I’m ready for them to become a truly dominating force in gaming again. Nintendo has clearly adapted.

No longer will they try to succeed on first party offerings alone, they can’t do that anymore. Instead, Nintendo is casting a wider net with a greater variation of titles to appeal to all kinds of gamers. There’s something for everyone to be excited about. Without further adieu, here are some of the games I’m most excited for on the Switch, in no particular order…

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

OK so I did just say ‘in no particular’, but let’s just get this behemoth out-of-the-way. Of course I’m extremely pumped for BOTW; I’d wager most people picking up a Switch on Day 1 are. First unveiled at E3 2014, the waiting game is finally nearing its conclusion and the previews are only intensifying the anticipated hype.

It’s easy to assume that Breath of the Wild will be nothing short of amazing, but the fact that some publications are telling Ocarina of Time to move over as the best Zelda game blows my mind. To me, through the majority of March, I won’t be playing the Nintendo Switch, but the Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Machine.


Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight grabbed my attention early on with its beautifully animated grayscale aesthetic and combination of tight platforming and combat. The giant, labyrinthian open-world looks like a world I could easily lose hours exploring.  Hollow Knight released only a few days ago on Steam as of writing, but has been receiving praise from players, currently sitting at a 9/10 in the review section. No specific release date outside of 2017 has been given for the Switch version yet, but whenever it is, I’ll be ready.



I’m not pumped for 1-2-Switch like I am for traditional games, but to be fair, 1-2-Switch looks nothing like a traditional game. Sure, I have my reservations: the amount of replayability and the bonkers $50 price point being the most significant worries, but the intrigue currently offsets those initial qualms. Nintendo’s gimmick with 1-2-Switch is a screenless gaming experience with real-world friends and I haven’t been suckered into a gimmick this much since Wii Sports.

I look forward to trying this out with my non-gaming friends and suckering my residents into awkward fun at a program (Author’s note: I’m a Resident’s Assistant at my University, hence the existence of ‘my’ residents) . My only hope is that charging for the title separately, instead of making it a pack-in with the system, doesn’t kill the broader appeal.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 easily took the cake as my favourite Wii U game. The fluid game play and absolutely stunning tracks had me racing for hours on end. But despite my admiration, I never played the DLC. I wanted to get back into MK 8 because the value proposition was most definitely there; I thought the add-on content was astounding, but Wii U was so cumbersome that it outweighed my motivation to play almost anything on the system after the initial release in mid-2014.

Seeing it revitalised, along other Wii U gems, brings me great joy that Nintendo is willing to give the games a second chance, likely knowing they were stuck to a doomed console the first time around. I’m not even a particularly huge fan of Battle Mode, but as it was (maybe) the only major complaint critically with original MK 8, I’m elated Nintendo is adding content to make Deluxe the best it can be and I’ve anticipated it becoming a firm favourite.


Mr. Shifty

Revealed at the Nindies presentationMr. Shifty is the indie that fills a major gap in the Switch’s catalogue for me. Most of the games on my list are slower, more plodding games, outside of the kart racer, obviously. Mr. Shifty‘s fast-paced action mixed with the puzzle elements related to the protagonist’s teleportation ability looks like the top-down, beat em’ up I need to get the blood pumping. April can’t come soon enough.

There are significantly more games on my radar for the Switch and, but the 5 titles on this list take up most of my mind share. I pre-ordered a Switch along with Breath of the Wild the day after the January presentation, driving 40 minutes to my closest Gamestop after a long day of training. Back then, I wasn’t 100% certain about the purchase I was making, especially after being burned by the Wii U. Today, I’m glad that I listened to my gut.

But what Switch games are you most looking forward to? Are there any games you’ve anticipated that aren’t on this list?Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Paradise_Mayor.

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