Disney’s in the middle of a huge live-action remake boon right now, in case you didn’t notice. After bringing the likes of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast to the big screen, the company has a whole selection of movies in development right now. The upcoming Dumbo remake has moved a step closer to reality today, as the flick has cast Z Nation actor Joseph Gatt to its cast.

According to Deadline, Gatt has signed on to play a character called Skellig – who follows and helps former circus star Holt Farrier (Collin Farrell) after he returns home from the war. Danny DeVito plays the circus owner, which sounds all too fun in our opinion.

Gatt’s most impressive work has come from Sci Fi’s Z Nation, where he’s proven to be quite the impressive actor. He’s also played roles in various Hollywood flicks – including Star Trek Into Darkness and Thor.

Gatt joins an already exciting cast of characters, including Collin Farrell, Michael Keaton (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Danny DeVito (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Eva Green (Penny Dreadful), and Farrell (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). Add in the fact that the Dumbo remake is being helmed by Tim Burton (Yes, really) and you’ve got the ingredients for a hugely interesting project.

The Dumbo movie is set to be a live-action remake of the much loved 1941 Disney classic. The script is being penned by Ehren Kruger, whose previous credits include Transformers 3 & 4.

Disney has high hopes for the movie, which by all accounts sounds like it could be a surprise hit. Whether the movie does well enough to be a box office draw for the company remains to be seen – but Tim Burton certainly has the golden touch when it comes to launching impressive live-action remakes (Look no further than his Alice movies).

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