For months, there have been rumors suggesting that former WWE Divas Champion Maria was heading back to WWE. It seems that the company has been holding back, making fans wait for the right moment to bring the former Champion back into the fold. Tonight though, during the company’s annual Money in the Bank pay per view, she arrived with husband Mike Bennett.

The couple came out before the WWE Championship match, accompanied by love hearts and some of the most sweet/sickening entrance music we’ve ever seen. The pair used the time to introduce themselves, with Maria reminding audiences that she is indeed a former WWE competitor.

The couple seemingly will be slipping into the slot left behind by Miz and Maryse – acting as the obnoxious couple that fans will love to hate. Their gimmick seems to be based around overbearing love, with talk of “Power of Love” and giving the WWE Universe a show.

The couple appeared on Impact Wrestling late last year – and were featured quite heavily on their weekly Impact Wrestling television show. Mike Bennett is an accomplished wrestler with a strong in-ring style. The pair left TNA under a cloud, with rumors suggesting that the working relationship between both party’s collapsed into a heap.

Bennett might not make it to the top in WWE – but he certainly has the skills to remain relevant; if he’s given the chance.

I do hope this means Maria will be returning to in-ring competition. While not the most accomplished of wrestlers, Maria has enough history behind her to add some more depth to the admittedly shallow pool of female wrestlers over on the blue brand.

How would you want to see her and her husband Mike Bennett used on Tuesday nights? Are you glad to see her back in WWE action?


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