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Remember Kick-Ass? That grounded, realistic superhero movie that was huge a few years back but faded after the second movie was a bit rubbish? Good news for you then, Mark Millar has been teasing a huge announcement regarding the franchise – leading to feverish speculation over what that might entail.

Taking to Twitter, the producer has been hinting that major news is incoming about his much-loved franchise – indicating that fans won’t have to wait long to find out what comes next;

Whatever it is, the news is likely to involve Netflix in one way or another. The popular streaming service bought Miller’s body of work Millarworld, the comic book publisher Miller owns and runs, back in August. It means that they own the rights to any potential property created – giving them a lot of room to maneuver in what they do next with the property.

They could also finally deliver that much-anticipated sequel/prequel to the original Kick-Ass. Reports have swirled for years that Millar has been pushing for a Nicolas Cage-led prequel, to explore Big Daddy’s rise. He was offed in the original movie, but I suspect that fans would delight at getting to see him return to the iconic role.

Our Take: I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix is going to go full in cinematic universe with their new toy. A third movie may be out of the question at this point – if only because Chloe Grace Moretz is a bit too old to play Hit Girl at this point. I’d argue a reboot is more likely than a third installment.

A Kick-Ass television series would probably be the best fit for Netflix, allowing the streaming service to create spin-offs and multiple episodes for audiences to binge through. Movies are a harder sell, if only because Netflix hasn’t quite cracked mainstream success with them yet.

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