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With Michael Bay standing down from the Transformers franchise, it’s all change over at the long running franchise. Seems it’s not just behind the camera that fans can expect change – as Mark Wahlberg has indicated that he might be looking to step out of the franchise alongside his long-time friend and collaborator.

Speaking to Screen Rant, the actor stated that he’s unsure over his future role in the Transformers movies; indicating that he might not be back for future installments;

Screen Rant: Can we expect to see Cade again in the future, maybe the next mainline Transformers movie?

Mark Wahlberg: I have no idea.

Screen Rant: Where do you think he would go? Because he’s hit a few highs in his life and his career as a Transformers sidekick.

Mark Wahlberg: Yeah, I don’t know. That would be up to the powers that be when they go into the think tank and figure it out. But I really just signed on to work with Michael. We had a great experience in Pain & Gain, so you know… if there’s no Michael there’s probably no me.


That’s very likely to go down badly in Paramount’s head offices. With Transformers: The Last Night receiving mostly negative reviews, the franchise is seemingly in desperate need of stability. Losing its director and the main actor would be a double body blow to the wider plans for the series moving forward.

It should be noted that Paramount is moving full steam ahead with its plans for a wider Transformers universe. 2018 will see the first of these movies reach cinemas, as Bumblebee gets his own spin-off movie. It’s just interesting to see so many of the franchises key players seemingly making their way towards the exit.

Have you checked out Transformers: The Last Knight yet? Do you think the franchise can survive without Wahlberg?

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