We can’t even joke about reboots anymore, given how many of them are hitting cinemas these days. But it seems we can still be shocked by the rumors when they surface – with The Matrix apparently in line to be given the reboot treatment by Warner Bros.

That’s the big rumor to emerge from Hollywood overnight. Warner Bros is reportedly eyeing up a Cinematic Universe similar to how Disney is handling its Star Wars universe. Expect sidequels, prequels and sequels galore if the reboot finally hits cinemas. Zak Penn (the man behind the script of X-Men 2 and Avengers Assemble) is in talks to write the treatment.

There’s also reports that Keanu Reeves will be ejected from the starring role. The early front-runner appears to be Michael B. Jordan (Creed) for the lead role. Whoever ends up in the role won’t be helped by the Wachowskis’, who are also apparently being left out of the reboot.

The original Matrix movie was a piece of cinematic wonder – shattering visual effect expectations while blending a strong story between its strong action set-pieces and intriguing world building. The sequels – The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolution – were cinematic blue balls of the highest order. Failing to capture the sheer awesomeness of the original movie, the movies became bywords for disappointing sequels.

What do you think? Are you ready to be jacked back into The Matrix?


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