Tom Cruise’s spectacular misfire The Mummy may have singlehandedly killed Universal’s much talked about Dark Universe before it really got started. Critics slated it, while the box office takings have been disastrous. So negative has the feedback been to the movie that the movie’s director Kurtzman

Speaking to IGN, Alex Kurtsman gave a clear sign of just how indifferent he is to the current state of affairs over in the Dark Universe, telling the outlet;

“You know the truth is, I don’t know. I really don’t know. Haven’t really decided, is the honest answer.”

In a separate interview, he was even more unclear – stating that he’s unsure over where the future releases inside this cinematic universe will aim;

“It’s hard for me to know, is the truth. I think every movie will be different. I certainly know that the legacy of the monsters have endured across the world throughout the years. Almost a century. So I have to believe American audiences will find it too with the right ingredients.”

With a huge slate of monster movies already pencilled in for the next few years, Universal certainly has to get busy if it wants audiences to fall in love with this Dark Universe its trying to create.

Upcoming movies within this cinematic universe include;

  • The Bride of Frankenstein (Directed by Bill Condon).
  • The Invisible Man (Starring Johnny Depp).
  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

With Universal banking so heavily on the future of its Dark Universe, it needs to get a grip on the upcoming movies if it wants to salvage anything positive from this endeavour. Reportedly Tom Cruise seized control of The Mummy, turning the movie into his own ego-trip – going as far as to sit in the editing booth during post-production. That kind of thing can’t be allowed to happen if the overall vision for the cinematic universe is to ever take shape.

Do you have any hope for Universal in salvaging their beleaguered cinematic universe?


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