Smackdown Live has arguably played host to the best feud going on within WWE right now – that of The Usos and The New Day. Their matches have really been a cut above everything else on Tuesday nights, with a series of matches well worthy of praise. Tonight we saw the final outing in this classic series, taking place inside the Hell in a Cell structure and, in the process, new Tag Team Champions crowned.

The Usos captured their fifth Tag Team Championships inside the structure, overcoming Big E and Xavier Woods to do so. The match went for a really long time, managing to become an instant classic in the process.

What else can be said about that match other than wow? Both teams went out there and put on a clinic of a tag match inside the Hell in a Cell structure. Make no mistake about it, these guys weren’t going for second best throughout this match – with plenty of rough spots used to really help elevate the match. From using dives to the wide variety of weapons on show, you can’t claim it was dull.

I’m fine with The Usos winning if this is the payoff to the entire feud. The Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship has been playing hot potato in recent times, moving between the two teams with alarming frequency. After losing the belts in a street fight several weeks back – Hell in a Cell marked the perfect elevation of the feud. But now that feud has to end so another team can step into the breach and have their moment.

It’ll be interesting to see where both teams go from here. Clearly, audiences are fully behind both teams.

Are you happy The New Day lost their Tag Team Championships? What did you think of the match?