It’s rare that it happens – but sometimes WWE likes to surprise fans. Tonight is one of those moments – as the company has made the shock decision to drop the WWE United States Championship to AJ Styles during the company’s Madison Square Garden Live Event.

The match was between the former WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. Both competitors are on the Smackdown Live brand – and were set to face off at the upcoming WWE Battleground pay per view. Seems that the company couldn’t wait – and have landed the Championship on AJ Styles.


Pictures have been emerging on social media of the moment that the match ended – with fans in attendance reportedly highly shocked at the outcome of the match.


This marks the first time that AJ Styles has won the WWE United States Championship – considered the secondary Championship on Smackdown Live.

It’s highly surprising that WWE would give away such a huge moment at a live show – in particular one that wasn’t being broadcast on the WWE Network. One has to assume that they captured the whole thing to broadcast on television or the Network at some stage – this is an event that fans will want to see.

This may also be in response to WWE’s declining live audience numbers. In recent times, the company has struggled to fill out live shows for both Raw and Smackdown Live – something that has had many analysts pondering over the overall health of the company. With a major event like this occurring, some fans may be tempted to buy tickets for live events in the hopes of seeing a huge moment.

It’;s certainly something new for Smackdown Live – and will generate a huge amount of buzz among the WWE Universe.

Are you happy that AJ Styles has captured the WWE United States Championship?

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