Last night’s Monday Night Raw provided one of the biggest shocks to come out of WWE in recent years. The decision to pull apart one of the more popular tag teams on the Monday night show means that two new singles stars have been born. With Big Cass turning heel; what kind of future does Enzo Amore have in the company?

For Big Cass, the future is clear. He’s big, solid on the mic and has momentum from this team breakdown. Whether he reaches the top of WWE’s pyramid remains to be seen – but I can certainly foresee the opportunity coming his way. The same can’t be said for Enzo Amore.

Arguably the most grating part of the SAWFT lineup, Enzo hasn’t really improved in the ring since arriving on the main roster in 2016. His work rate leaves something to be desired, while his ability just doesn’t excite. It’s a problem that WWE has to address now that they’ve pulled the pair apart – there’s no hiding place for Amore anymore.

The one thing Enzo has on his side is his ability to light up audiences. A solid talker on the mic, Enzo has always felt like the second wheel in terms of tag team. Prior to teaming up with Big Cass in NXT, he found himself very close to the exit door. He’s openly discussed this on numerous WWE programmes – SAWFT saved him from the scrap heap. The problem then was finding a niche for him on the roster. Rather awkwardly, it’s a problem that remains to this day.

Remaining a tag team wrestler is an option – but one that would probably harm him in the long run. It wouldn’t signal forward movement for the Superstar, instead indicating that WWE don’t see much value in him beyond a second string player. R-Truth is a likely candidate – but he’s hardly near the top of the WWE card right now. He wouldn’t do much outside of creating a novelty tag team, and I suspect that’s an option WWE should be actively avoiding if they want Enzo to go up the card. Big Show and Enzo has been teased in recent weeks – but that’s basically recreating the Enzo/Cass dynamic; except with less popularity.

The biggest surprise is that Enzo and Big Cass never won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. Around this time last year, the pair were white hot and seemed destined for greater things. Giving Enzo another tag team would add to the feeling of inferiority among fans.

As a singles competitor, it gets even more worrisome. He’s not got the ability to slot into the mid-card title scene right now. Miz is on fire right now, and with a slew of mid-carders aching for a shot at his belt, Enzo doesn’t feel like a natural fit. The Cruiserweight Division is certainly an option, but would fans be willing to accept Enzo as an equal to the likes of Neville, Tozawa and the other highly capable competitors? I suspect not.

He might be able to bring some much-needed excitement to the promo work on 205 Live, but would it be enough to get fans to tune in en-mass? It’s a huge gamble that could easily backfire, pushing Enzo into a similar position Zack Ryder has suffered over the years. Worse still for Enzo Amore, there likely won’t be a plan B for the Superstar.

I hate to use the term “Janetty” when it comes to tag team breakdowns, but I feel this might be one of the strongest cases of it to occur. A case where a tag team breakdown leads to one half of said team becoming the obvious “winner” of the breakup. Right now, Enzo hasn’t got all that much going for him – and that’s got to worry both him and WWE Creative.

I’ll be curious to see what happens next with Enzo Amore for sure, but one can’t help but feel that the writing may already be on the wall. A WWE Superstar whose legacy may already have its peak. Last night during the breakup, Big Cass told Enzo “Your mouth cashes cheques your ass can’t cash.” I have a feeling that may sadly become the case for him as the rest of 2017 plays out.

What would you want to see Enzo Amore doing next in WWE? What kind of future does he have?

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