Nintendo is known for being aggressive in protecting their IPs. So it’s no surprise that the Japanese gaming giant has opted to make the life of Mario 64 Online a misery – taking down a number of his videos and his personal Patreon in the process of trying to stop the spread of the popular mod.

The confirmation came via the creators Twitter, as he declared;

The Mario 64 Online mod blew up late last week – allowing users to play seamlessly with other gamers in Mario 64.

The interesting thing here is that Nintendo can’t take the mod itself down, as the mod is an alteration of the emulator itself and not the games rom. It leaves Nintendo scrambling for alternative means to attack the user – which seemingly involve hitting any videos or files that use assets from the Nintendo 64 game. It means that the Kaze’s Patreon has also gone down as have a number of web pages which show off the footage.

The sad thing here, we all knew Nintendo was going to do this. They did it to the amazing AM2R Metroid 2 remake last year (Effectively halting development of that) and have attacked numerous other high-profile mods over the years. Doesn’t make it any less awkward for the company when they do it, however.

Company’s like Sega actively encourage such ventures, something that;’s led to positive PR and feedback from fans. Nintendo’s never been so free with the way it offers up its characters.

You can still grab the download on the internet – it’s unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. Just don’t expect to have an easy time promoting it on live stream or Youtube channels – those will likely draw the ire from Nintendo’s lawyers.

What do you make of this? Should Nintendo layoff, or are they right to come out hard against users who make use of their old games?


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