The Nintendo Switch has enjoyed a huge amount of success since it launched on the 3rd March. Already the company’s top selling new console of all time, the critical reception to the new platform has been warm to say the least. What hasn’t been so welcome has been the focus on the apparent lack of quality surrounding the Nintendo Switch’s dock. It seems Nintendo has taken action on this – removing it completely from its US website.

The Switch Dock was being sold desperately for those who wanted more than one through the Nintendo website. It was the same model that came bundled with consoles sold in the initial wave – and its removal will raise more than a few eyebrows for those who have been angrily calling out Nintendo on social media over the issue.

There’s been huge scorn thrown over the quality of the dock. Accusations that it scratches the Switch’s screen surfaced quickly – with the lack of protection afforded to the device while housed in the unit proving to be a particular worry. Numerous Youtube unboxing videos looked into the issue more closely – while other early adopters took to Twitter to voice their dismay at the situation.

When I reviewed the Nintendo Switch console, I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the Switch’s Dock at all. While the console was high quality, the dock itself felt like a cheap plastic unit with none of the expected quality. Yes it’s just a device will sit largely out of view, but when paying close to $300 for a device, I’d rather the risk of it damaging the console be minimal.

There is every chance Nintendo has simply sold out – although the fact they haven’t said this on the website (Which they normally do) indicates otherwise. We’ll be sure to update this story when and if Nintendo opts to return the device to the website, or if any statement is made.


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