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Of all the places for someone to drop a marriage proposal, smack bang in the middle of Paul Heyman’s live promo – on international television – probably isn’t the place to do it. So well done to one unlucky couple learned this to their horror on WWE Monday Night Raw.

As Paul Heyman laid into AJ Styles and set our reasons for fans to tune in to this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, the live crowd began chanting “she said yes”. Visibly confused, Heyman and Brock Lesnar looked into the audience and began to realize what had occurred – a marriage proposal had occurred in the crowd.

Heyman, ever quick with the sharp retorts, responded to the situation;

“She only said yes to you because she’s never been in the ring with a beast like Brock Lesnar”

Cue the hilarity as the loved-up couple became the focus of humor among fans, with crowds chanting for Heyman’s comment.

The segment itself was intended to bring attention to the huge Champion vs. Champion match this Sunday at SummerSlam. It marks the first time since the 2016 WWE Draft that the WWE Champion will compete against the WWE Universal Champion. It also marks the first time AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar will compete, a hugely exciting prospect indeed.

It should also be noted that Heyman again teased the idea of Lesnar heading to UFC, referring to the AJ Styles match as a “one and only time” deal – indicating that he could still be on his way out off WWE once Wrestlemania 34 is over.

Our Take: It’s lucky Paul Heyman is so good on the microphone, being able to salvage the moment and play it for laughs. In the hands of a lesser talker, it could have been hugely awkward. As it stands no harm done and hopefully, audiences won’t try to repeat on a weekly basis (Remember the whole Beach Ball fiasco at SummerSlam?). I can’t see it catching on.

At least she said yes. Maybe a honeymoon in Suplex City?

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