It’s safe to say that after three outings in the new Star Trek cinematic universe, audiences are beginning to ask what else the franchise has to offer. With a CBS television series managing to win over long time fans, there are now reports that Quentin Tarantino is looking to get his hands on the popular franchise.

Deadline is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is keen on getting behind the camera for a Star Trek movie, going as far as to pitch an idea to Abrams and Paramount. Reportedly that idea was very well received by all involved, with Paramount looking to assemble a writers room for the project. If things continue to go as smoothly, Abrams would remain on as a producer for the movie (As he has with the last two movies) while Tarantino could be convinced to direct the movie himself.

It would be an interesting move for the director, who has always managed to remain outside the top Hollywood franchises. Instead, the director has managed to craft a reputation based around his own work. From his breakout hit Reservoir Dogs through to other classics like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (Part 1 and 2) as well as many others.

This being said, the director has made clear in the past that he only wants to make good movies. One of the reasons he rarely takes the helm of major franchises is to ensure that his work meets the quality he sets for it.

Given the early stages of these developments, its obvious that there’s very little “fixed” news to offer about what the movie would be. Given Tarantino’s love for continuity, he might be tempted to offer up a sequel to 2016’s Star Trek: Beyond.

Our Take: Any project with Quentin Tarantino attached is going to draw attention. It isn’t the first time the idea of him helming a Star Trek movie has emerged. The big question is whether Paramount would let him create the movie he wanted.


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