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A lifelong gamer, lover of movies and devourer of television; Shaun still can’t complete DOOM 2 on nightmare without breaking down into a crying heap.


  1. Mostly agree with these ratings. I can fault 3 for being a copy-paste job and having poor pacing, but 1 and 4 also have pacing issues. 1 is too minimalist and repetitive and 4 leaves too much breathing room with crate puzzles and traversal. That said I think 3 comes up shorter than it deserves because it followed 2. In fun factor, it certainly trumps 1 and 4. However, 4 probably has the best story in Uncharted and 1 has the benefit of starting it all. 2 is the gem that nailed pacing and game design for sure though. The environments were gorgeous and the stealth segments weren’t half as good in 3 and 4. Then there’s those two train levels which were basically a drawn out setpiece. Just wow.

  2. I think most Uncharted fans, including myself, will agree that Uncharted 2 was the best in the series. The opening sequence was amazing and the game never let up. The story, action, and pacing were outstanding. 2 had the luxury of coming out while the series was still new before the gameplay became “old”. 3 was great but unfortunately had to follow the greatness of 2. 4 was awesome but again the newness was gone at that point and of course the original started everything off.

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