Remasters are all the rage right now in media – so of course someone was going to go back and eventually remaster arguably one of the pioneers for CD based games – Night Trap.

Night Trap was an interactive movie video game developed for Sega Mega Drive’s CD add on. It wasn’t a huge hit, derided by gamers at the time and causing all kinds of media stink thanks to its mature content.

What set Night Trap apart from its competition was the fact that it was compiled from over 90 minutes of Full-motion video (FMV). The plot centres around a group of younger women who are targetted by Augers Рvampire like creatures that seek to feast on young females blood. The game tasked the player with protecting these helpless women Рby switching between cameras and activating traps to trap the Augers and save the women.

Screaming Villains has also announced that it will be teaming up with Limited Run Games to release a physical copy of PlayStation 4.

It’s certainly got novelty value, although we’d argue that the market for the game is niche at best. Still, we guess if you fancy seeing what upset gamers back in the early 1990’s – this might be the best way to do it!

Will you be checking out Night Trap?

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