Rime, the mystical puzzle adventure game reminiscent of titles like Journey and The Witness, will no longer cost more on the Nintendo Switch.

In March, publisher Grey Box Games announced that due to development costs and a required parity of pricing between physical and digital copies of games published on the Switch, the version coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console would cost $10 more on Nintendo’s hybrid console, much to the disappointment and confusion of fans.

Today, Grey Box has offered a solution to the pricing conundrum. The digital version on the Switch will now share the same price of $29.99 as the digital versions on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On the physical side, Grey Box could not lower the price without selling the game at a loss. Instead, those who choose to pick up a physical copy on Switch will receive a digital code of the game’s soundtrack, a $10 value exclusive to those who get the Switch edition, for a total cost of $39.99.

The work around appears to appeal to everyone. The developers are happy because consumers are happy and retailers are happy because now they don’t have to sell the same product for different rates. But what do you think? Does this effect your decision to pick up Rime? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.