Last night fans had to watch as WWE’s Smackdown Live Women’s Champion was forced to hand her Championship back to Daniel Bryan. The reason given was that Naomi is carrying a knee injury that will prevent her from competing within the company’s ¬†28-day defence period. Now there’s a rumor being pushed¬†by Dave Meltzer that the former Women’s Champion will return to the ring in time for Wrestlemania.

Meltzer is reporting that the knee injury being carried by Naomi is very minor, and that the decision to strip her of the Championship was made to allow Smackdown to create a mega-moment where she reclaims the Championship at Wrestlemania.

Given that Wrestlemania 33 emanates from Naomi’s home state and WWE has been building up that fact since Royal Rumble, it makes sense to suspect that she will indeed return in some capacity. Given that she’s been walking around on TV, we suspect that the injury isn’t as serious as first hinted at.

Last night Alexa Bliss recaptured the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship – after berating Naomi for being injured. The rumor seems to be in line with the TV product and the direction it’s heading in.

Do you believe the rumor? Do you think Naomi will return for Wrestlemania?


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