Back in January of 2001, British Video game developers released the wildly popular MMORPG RuneScape and from that moment on it only began to grow and become the game we know today. Now Jagex have revealed, (by popular demand), that RuneScape will be coming to mobile devices, I have no doubt that fans are rejoicing over this but before we get to worked up, let us all take a step back and take a look at the Pro et contra before we make our verdict shall we?



First things first and probably one of the most important features of the mobile release is the cross-play feature, it is everything you are hoping for. Jagex have confirmed that your current account, the one you use for all of your desktop adventuring, will be the one that you use on the mobile and everything is shared between both platforms.

This is definitely a well needed feature to include, you could be sat at home on RuneScape, mindlessly grinding the hours away when you suddenly realise you need to rush out, with the cross-play feature that is now no longer a problem, just simply pick up your phone, sign in and carry on from where you left off, such bliss.



Similar to the first pro but more for the people who don’t primarily use a PC or who have never even played RuneScape before, now mobile users can join in on a world they have been previously forbidden from entering. Many people prefer to game on the go now, whether it be on their commute to work or if they have to travel reasonably far, they can just whip out there mobiles and login from wherever they are with ease. Some people like to game after a long day at work but they can’t be bothered to sit in front of another screen, instead they can just sit back on their favourite chair and game on.

Now we have had a look at the pros and by now you are probably disregarding everything I am saying and trying to find out if you can get your hands on some early access but hold your horses for just one minute, we still have to look at the cons and, on a serious note, you might want to consider these before you make up your mind.



Just as we have seen with Pokémon Go in the past, mobile games are a fun venture, but how long can you put up with it? When Pokémon Go released people went crazy for it but that was before they realised just how much it drained them, I’m talking battery life, Pokémon go drained battery life-like it was drinking out of a bottomless cup of battery juice, it drained so much battery life that it boosted the sales of power banks, people were too hungry to catch them all and started spending their own money on power banks to keep playing for longer, isn’t that crazy?

Not only did Pokémon Go suck the souls out of mobiles around the world, it also started eating peoples data fast, it would use a lot of data as you needed to go out into the world to find other Pokémon but the outside world isn’t free and that’s where all of the data went. Now, the very same people who bought power banks, let the quest to be the best get to their heads and they started to buy more and more data, turning a free game into a quite expensive one. I can see RuneScape going down a very similar path and while Jagex wouldn’t mind you spending all of your hard-earned money, I’m pretty sure you would.



My major concern when I play any mobile game is the on-screen controls, I have never really been a fan of them, most of the time they just get in the way and I find myself trying to see through my thumbs to see what is happening in-game. Take Minecraft: Pocket Edition for example, the controls in PE are fairly simple, about as simple as you can get but, when combined with your thumbs, you can lose nearly the bottom half of the screen just trying to play it, this is especially frustrating if you unintentionally get into a fight, I have never felt as such stress as when I tried to run away from mobs, in the night, using controls that partially blocked my view.

Now if you think of RuneScape then you know that it’s controls differ greatly from Minecraft and I can only Imagine that it will feel clunky and unoptimised but only time will tell.

Well now that we have taken time to sit and look over the pros and cons, it is time to answer the question: will it work? the answer? probably. I don’t think the cons are enough to put people off, especially the people who have been begging for it for a while now, if I was to get it, (which I probably will), I would personally prefer to get it on an android tablet, i think that it would feel a lot nicer to play on a 10″ plus screen and maybe the battery would last that extra bit longer.


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