Finally, there has been an announcement of when episode two of the Early Access horror/adventure game, Sally Game, is due to release. On July 7th, this new episode will be available to play. There has been lots of hype built up for the release of episode two ever since the first episode had been released a while back. This firste episode was a hit, and it quickly created a loving fan base for this new game.

The premise of episode one of centered around a character named Sally Face, who wears a prosthetic mask at all times. This character moves into a new apartment, meets new strangers, and goes on a mission to help solve a murder case. The end of episode ended in quite a plot twist, and quickly became successful and popular in the gaming community. There have been many theories surrounding episode one, and I am sure this will continue with the release of episode two.

Episode one was left on quite a cliffhanger, and left many fans begging for more, including myself. In my eyes, it was a smashing success and quickly became one of my favorite games of late 2016. Hopefully, it can keep that title with its debut into 2017.

Not much information was revealed surrounding the debut of episode two. The only information the fans received was the release date and a poster showcasing the second episode. The second episode is titled, “The Wretched”, which sounds excited and mysterious on its own. The poster reveals some recurring and new characters. The two characters that are new are the main character, Sally Face, and his friend, Larry. They were key characters in the first episode, so it is no surprise that they will be returning for the second chapter.

However, there seems to be two new surprise characters coming to the second episode. One of them is a red-headed boy with glasses, and the other is an evil-looking character with red eyes. It almost takes the appearance of a demon-like black mass. It could easily be presumed that this character could be a villain in the series, but nothing can truly be confirmed until the second episode is officially released. As for the red-headed boy, he could possibly be another friend to Sally Face, or something even deeper. I believe the red-headed boy is more than likely an ally to Larry and Sally Face. Perhaps that could change within the story, but that would be my first guess. Only time will tell who this new character is and what role he will play in the series.

In my opinion, this episode will answer many of the questions and the cliffhangers from episode one. In episode one, there seemed to be many flashbacks and swaps from the present and the past. At the end, the game showed Sally Face shackled and in a prison uniform. Many have speculated that Sally Face was the one who committed the murder in the apartment after all.

There could be two possibilities. Sally Face could have either murdered the person in the apartment and all of the apartment scenes are past tense, or Sally was in charge of the murder/disappearance of his mother. Either way, the chapter ended with Sally in handcuffs and in my personal opinion, this episode could quite possibly be a continuation of that.

Overall, this new and upcoming update seems interesting and mysterious all in one. It will be wonderful to see which direction the developer decides to take this game, and what lore will be revealed in the second episode. Perhaps some of the mysterious will be solved, but I would assume that there will be more questions than answers coming in the second episode. This episode has been looked forward to quite some time from the fans, so hopefully it lives up to the expectations of all the Sally Face fans.

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