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With focus in the MCU beginning to shift to films coming out beyond Avengers: Infinity War, many are wondering just how the upcoming Captain Marvel flick will perform. Seems Marvel is boosting the cast of that movie as best it can – with Samuel L Jackson reportedly set to co-star in the movie.

The report comes via a very credible movie insider, who correctly predicted the shooting schedule for the movie several months back;

It would be an interesting step for Marvel. On the one hand, we haven’t had a superhero outing starring a female in the MCU yet – a huge bone of contention for a section of the fan base. Jackson’s Nick Fury is one of the major connective tissues that holds the entire MCU together, appearing in a wide range of films. These include Iron Man 2, Avengers and Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. To see him get a co-starring credit would be a step up.

On the other hand, his presence may steal from Carol Danver’s origin story. There has been a demand for a Nick Fury flick from some fans – who may not be happy to see him leveraging another superhero.

Not much is actually known about the upcoming Captain Marvel outing. What little we do know has come from  director comments and discussion of how it will fit into the wider MCU right now. We know that Marvel is set to tweak the origin story to help it fit within the MCU much easier.

In the comic books, Carol Danvers gets her powers when she survives the explosion of a Kree device. Prior to this, she was a United States Air Force Officer. She’ll be reportedly turning up in Avengers: Infinity War – so we may get our answers there.

Are you excited to see Captain Marvel on the big screen?

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